It Doesnt Get Dark Until Midnight

'How dare Swedes moan it's too light outside'

Feel free to share your thoughts with your Wonder Friends on Facebook. We can't wait to hear what you'd do with 24 hours of sunlight! I heard of it be4 but I never really thought it was true.

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Thanks so very much, Zendaya C! During the Arctic summer, sun sets at midnight and rises at 3 in the morning. I would have a hard time sleeping! That is really cool. Fjellguiden Altevatn Bardu Welcome to fantastic nature-based adventures all year around! How a hostel dispute became a diplomatic row between China and Sweden.

Am in Europe, wont b that difficult 2 go to Norway 4 a while. Thanks for sharing your connection. Thanks for checking out this Wonder! It would be really strange to live in darkness for six months and then in daylight for the other six months!

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Thank you for commenting, Ana! That's a good point. Learn more in Wonder How Do Solar Lights Work? You're right, in some places the temperatures stay cool. That's not always a bad thing! Hey, i wanna ask a question. What if i need a place where the sun rises and sets everyday, but the daylight time everyday is much more than the night, like sunshine hours everyday with only few darkness hours, where can i find this place?!?! Thanks for sharing this information, Torfinn!! We're glad you joined the discussion, yousaf! Thank you for exploring this Wonder and the comments! There are some places where that happens.

For example, Alaska experiences this sometimes. You could research places online and at the library! I would think it is some place warm like aisa or africa. We encourage you to keep researching at your library and online. It can't stay dark forever. The far north also experiences months of total light.

We think it might take some time to get used to sleeping while it's bright outside, but we think it's pretty cool, too, Tyler! I would like to know how it works.

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Welcome to “the land of the midnight sun”. takes on a new dimension at night in the summer months, when you literally get to see the nature If you travel to the Arctic islands of Svalbard, the sun doesn't set between April and late August. Alaska: The sun doesn't set in the country of Alaska from late May to late July. Beautiful and .. There are no places on earth that don't eventually get dark.

Specifically, why is there a time lapse in certain areas? It seems as if the sun goes around the globe, so why does it not go away in some areas? Does it affect how the temperature and science of that place work or are documented? I want to know all about it. Hi there, Wonder Friend Julia! The sun stays out in certain areas due to those locations-- the North and South poles. The Earth's axis also has a lot to do with it: We are very proud of you!

That is pretty awesome. The sun never setting. I can see it now, but I don't think anyone wants to live up there but it would be nice. ND or the Arctic Circle? Hey there, Wonder Friend D! It might take us some time to adjust to sleeping while the sun is still out! The sun has not shined in days here in Northern Louisiana! The clouds are too thick. My Grandpa said we will get sun sooner or later!!!

We bet it would be very cool, Joy! It might take some adjusting I think tomorrow's wonder is going to be about a library book. I thought today's wonder was pretty cool. I didn't know that the sun only rises or sets once a year at the poles. I would have a hard time sleeping! What a great guess, Eoin! We Wonder if you go to the library often? We have a Wonder you might enjoy Sleeping while it's light outside might be difficult at first!

I like the sun. I think tomorrow's wonder of the day is going to be about taking tests, how to take out libary books, or how to put yourself to the test!

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Have you ever explored a cave before? Oooh, such great guesses, Grace! We're glad to hear it, Josephine L! The video shows a time lapse like fast-forwarding a video of nearly 20 days in Norway. This way, we can see how long the area stays light, and dark! Wondergirl here to finally comment. I could never ever sleep with the sun shining!!!! Or do days things in the darkness!!!!! I think tomorrow's wonder of the day will be about why is it good to challenge yourself. Phew, we're glad you're back, Wondergirl! We think it would be difficult to adjust our schedule, too!

We're quite used to do things according to the sky-- it's it is light or dark outside! However, we think it's cool to imagine our lives flip-flopped around. It would be an opposite kind of day! Today's wonder got me thinking. At school, Andrea is learning about the sun, earth and the moon, and she learned that in the north and south poles, you could either get 24 hours of darkness, or 24 hours of light.

The solar system is a very cool thing to Wonder about!

Wow I never knew all this could happen you guys are really good. How cool, Wonder Girl Rocks! We're thrilled that you learned something new today! Also, thank you for sharing your very own Wonder with us Before you submit your comment, please remember:. Comments are subject to approval and may not be published if they are not appropriate for the Wonder discussion. Drag a word to its definition. Want to add a little wonder to your website? Help spread the wonder of families learning together. We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. Follow Twitter Instagram Facebook. Where does the sun never set?

How is the Arctic Circle defined? Where could you go to visit the land of the midnight sun? Did you get it? Bella Aarna Oct 16, Wonderopolis Oct 18, Zaharah Jun 3, Wonderopolis Jun 5, Johanna Feb 1, Wonderopolis Feb 2, Ana Cristina Dec 7, It is interesting that the sun only rises and sets once a year.

Where Does the Sun Never Set?

Wonderopolis Dec 8, Wonderopolis Apr 18, Muhammad Ibn-Raqib Jan 30, Longer summer days mean nothing when it's still 50 degrees all summer long! Mahdi Jan 7, This excerpt is from Knut Hamsuns Pan Travel to the areas above the Arctic Circle in Norway and live these moments yourself: The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs during summer in places south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle — including Northern Norway.

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Svalbard is the place in Norway where the midnight sun occurs for the longest period. Here, the sun never sets from 20 April to 22 August. The further north you go, the more nights of midnight sun you get. During the summer months you can experience up to 24 hours of sunlight above the Arctic Circle, giving you more time to enjoy the sights and make new discoveries. When planning your midnight sun adventure, think of Northern Norway as divided into five main areas as you travel north:. Progressing further north you will reach Lofoten ; an area of outstanding natural beauty characterized by rocky peaks and coastal flatlands where sheep graze on seaweed infused soil.

You are now entering Finnmark county. Foreground images can be used to frame subjects in mid and deep field, creating a better sense of three-dimensionality. Explore the arctic wilderness by sea kayak under the magical light of the midnight sun, a natural phenomenon….

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Welcome to Garsnes Brygge! You will find our paradise in the Sagfjord in Salangen, Norway. Join a guided hike in the beautiful mountains surrounding Narvik with Wild North Adventures…. This is an exclusive hours night tour for persons where you can see the magnificent life in the sea….

Join our scenic drive along the coast around midnight, while the sun is still above the horizon. From May 21st until July 21st, we will experience the unique phenomena of the Midnightsun. Have an unforgettable adventure in the Arctic nature! A unique experience that you will never forget. An active vacation to experience the wonders of Northern Norway. The journey is a 5-days self-drive tour…. Nupen is extremly popular for its…. Admiring the Midnight Sun at sea, with all its beautiful red, orange and yellow colours, is a breath-taking…. You will explore fantastic fjords, islands and several fishermen villages amongst them, places you can only….

This is a special and unique cruise to the Lofoten islands. You will explore the magical Trollfjord, visit…. By the light of the midnight sun we will head out and explore the arctic nature from the waterside, just as…. Get closer to nature on a sea kayaking adventure illuminated by the golden rays of the Midnight Sun.

Good local knowledge and 10 years of experience provide us with the necessary expertise to tailor fantastic…. Mountain hikes, Midnight Sun and Coastal nature. We are a year-round holiday resort located between the….

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The glaciers, mountains, and waterfalls are all about raw, sublime power. Few places on earth offer more ways to witness the aurora borealis than Norway. You want to see both the legendary fjords and the midnight sun, but only have one week in Norway. Many activities in Northern Norway are best enjoyed in the daylight. Places where time moves in its own pace. Seeing hundreds of thousands of litres of water cascading down a cliff can be a strangely fascinating and humbling experience.

Features of this page require a browser with localStorage enabled. For a better user experience please enable localStorage or use a different browser. Kjerag summer hike Safety first: Preikestolen summer hike Discover Preikestolen: The cliff from Mission: A tribute to the mountains Krona: Olav Ways back Pilgrimage on the St.

Map of Norway Map. Toggling to another language will take you to the matching page or nearest matching page within that selection. Like a prolonged sunset and sunrise all at once, this natural phenomena colours heaven and earth in a reddish yellow light. What is the midnight sun?