The banjo is dead, long live electric". An 'Official Audio' video was uploaded to the band's YouTube channel after its radio premiere. The band played again to fans on the following two nights, debuting songs from Wilder Mind , including "Believe".

Believe (Mumford & Sons song)

This was followed by shows at small venues in Berlin, Los Angeles, Toronto and New York, [4] with the band playing two nights in each city. On 11 April , the band performed on Saturday Night Live for the second time, playing "Believe" for the first time on television. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Island Glassnote Gentlemen of the Road. Retrieved 23 July Retrieved March 21, Retrieved March 19, Retrieved March 20, Retrieved 26 February Retrieved March 22, Retrieved April 9, Retrieved May 28, Retrieved May 14, Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana. Retrieved 21 November While they are intercepted by Ferrell and her agents, Bo telepathically lifts a taxi cab off the ground and smashes it in their path — her abilities are stronger in Tate's presence.

Tate, Bo and Winter escape New York. Bo and Tate finally make it to Philadelphia, where she is drawn towards a fearless blogger; who is hunting for a story, and his wife. The blogger was called in the middle of the night by someone at Orchestra — an unknown source inside the Orchestra campus has offered incriminating documentation on the government program, enough to expose Skouras and his superiors.

The blogger is desperately pursuing evidence to prove these claims, putting strain on his marriage, and Bo sensing the blogger's wife is pregnant. Skouras sends Niko Zepeda, his henchman, to identify and silence the blogger and his source. The blogger is able to arrange a meeting with the source, who brings the proof he needs and agreement to speak on record with their identity revealed, but Bo's revelation about his wife clashes with his plans.

Attempts on their lives by Zepeda only increase the blogger's desire to expose Orchestra and threatens to tear the couple apart. Only when Winter talks him down and explains the truth can only be revealed at the right moment does he see how much his desire for fame and wealth is costing him. Skouras deploys Joshua to ambush the meeting, to silence the blogger and identify the traitor within Orchestra. However, Bo forcefully interferes with Joshua's attempts to mentally erase the blogger's mind and she lashes out and incapacitates Joshua.

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Synonyms for believe at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for believe. Believe definition, to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only.

Afterwards, Bo, depressed over her actions and considering her abilities as a curse, mentally removes Tate's tracking bracelet: The source — revealed to be Zoe — escapes without detection or identification by Skouras. Tate, now free from Winter's confinement with Bo's removal of his tracking bracelet, decides to return to his hometown to confront and gain vengeance on his childhood friends who framed him for murder and left to serve seven years on death row.

Bo, Winter and Channing pursue him. Tate has a frosty reunion with his estranged father, William Tate Sr. The situation intensifies when police and Agent Ferrell's FBI agents arrive after someone calls in Tate's presence in town, and the area is locked down. With Bo's help, Tate is able to mend fences with his father and get some measure of justice on the man responsible for tarnishing his name. Before they leave town, Winter, impressed by Tate's restraint, finally decides to tell Tate the truth: Bo is his daughter.

This revelation leaves Tate shocked and nearly brings him to tears.

At Orchestra, Skouras is under pressure from his superiors at the Department of Defense, and focuses his attention on delivering a telepathic assassin as he promised. He gets a young telepath, Shawn, weaponized and ready for deployment when he convinces him to telepathically kill the comatose Joshua. Winter's group is ambushed by Orchestra agents led by Zepeda. During the intense confrontation, Bo is shot in the leg by Zepeda with a tranquilizer dart, but the group quickly escapes with Zepeda their prisoner.

Having no other choice, Winter brings Bo, who steadily falls into a coma, to a couple who were past guardians of Bo shortly after her original escape from Orchestra. Winter, believing Bo is dying, makes the call to Zoe at Orchestra, despite a warning that Skouras now wants Winter dead. Later he and Tate make a risky rendezvous with Zoe, who they discover is being followed on Skouras's orders.

Whitney Houston - When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt)

While Zoe still wants Bo returned to Orchestra — the one organization capable of treating her — for her own safety, Zoe still provides a syringe with something that might bring Bo out of her coma. When it is used, however, it apparently fails. Tate, only just learning that Bo's abilities which she cannot control may be behind her worsening condition, frantically frees Zepeda to have him bring Bo back to Orchestra himself.

The others oppose Tate's actions and after a standoff, Zepeda escapes without Bo. Bo, who has been on a spiritual journey while in a coma, brings Tate into her vision with her abilities. She learns Tate is her father and his love for her causes her to awaken. During this time, Channing's surprising history is revealed — she was Orchestra's head of security who originally felt nothing for Bo, and later pursued her to the couple's farm.

After almost killing the couple, and sustaining serious injury, Bo healed Channing regardless, which turned her to Winter's side. Seamus Kevin Fahey Teleplay by: Winter is instructing Bo on how to improve her control of her abilities, but Tate, beginning to officially assert his position as Bo's father, interrupts when he feels Winter is being too hard on the child. Tate wants Winter to let Bo be normal, while Winter tries to convince him they need to be proactive. Bo's powers need more control, otherwise she won't be ready to take on Orchestra — which Winter confirms is his plan.

Tate is against Winter's plan to confront his former employers, but he points out they can't keep running forever. At this time, Skouras uses Orchestra's telepathic tracking computer to detect Bo's telepathic signal and pinpoint Winter's secret hideout. Krakauer and a team of Orchestra agents are mobilized and arrive, causing the group to flee. Afterwards, Winter confirms with Zoe that the machine, which was originally a prototype when he was with Orchestra, is fully operational. Leeds, one of Winter's team, builds a chip which can stop Orchestra from tracking Bo's signal, while the machine appears to keep working perfectly.

The catch is the chip must be inserted directly into the machine at Orchestra. Meanwhile, Tate and Bo are advised to lay low and for Bo not to use her abilities, but she is drawn to a family man who is in debt to a loan shark and is being threatened by a gangster in his employ for the sizeable amount of money he owes him. Tate steps in to pitch an alternative, and explains to a bemused family man and delighted Bo they must get a prize racing horse back for the loan shark. Despite the local police being alerted by Agent Ferrell and her agents, Bo and Tate escape through a forest on horseback and arrive at the loan shark's mansion, clearing the family man's debt.

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Channing volunteers to infiltrate the Orchestra Campus, and installs the chip, but finds herself caught in an ambush — Channing is captured by Skouras and his guards. When Winter gives news of Channing's capture to Tate, he decides to agree with Winter's plan and keep Bo training her powers. When Zepeda and a team of Orchestra agents storm an apartment in response to a signal like Bo's, they instead discover a new telepath named Dani. While training, Bo envisions a young violinist's family dying in a car accident.

She tells Tate that she needs to stop it, but he encourages her to focus on training.

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She cannot and goes outside to hear a violinist practicing nearby. She discovers Margaret, the same girl from the vision, and they bond. Meanwhile, Skouras meets Dani, a powerful telepath discovered with Orchestra's tracking computer.

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Untrusting at first, she witnesses other students at the Orchestra facility and realizes her power is stronger than the others. Skouras's training will only make her stronger. Aware of Skouras's attempts to extract information from Channing, Winter will have to uproot his entire operation. At Orchestra, Channing meditates to prevent a telepath from learning more about Winter.

Unable to stop Margaret's family from driving, Bo asks Tate to keep the other driver off the road, which also proves to be futile. Hoping to prevent the accident, Bo convinces Margaret's parents to let her ride along to the recital. The accident begins, but Bo uses her powers to move the two cars away from one another at the last second. The driver of the other car turns out to be the New York Philharmonic conductor. He notices Margaret's violin case and gives her a business card.

Bo has saved the girl's life and changed her future. Meanwhile, Dani gets into Channing's mind to discover Winter's new hideout location. Skouras dispatches a team to capture him, but Winter captures Skouras in the process. He threatens to tell the government about the top-secret black ops plan to use weaponized telepaths to build a psychic army. Winter promises not to reveal anything if Channing is returned to him unharmed.

The two teams later meet to make the exchange, but Skouras fires at Winter.

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Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully. When Bo blames Skouras for the death of her mother, he tells her Winter caused her death. Skouras's mentioning of Nina makes Winter go through flashbacks about his time and friendship with Nina, and how he became a parent figure to Bo after Nina died in childbirth. Retrieved April 8, You can change your cookie settings at any time.

Channing jumps in front of him, taking a bullet to the chest. Zoe calls from Orchestra to tell Winter about Skouras's new weapon, Dani, who arrives to telepathically strangle her. Dani threatens to expose her as the Orchestra mole if she interferes with Skouras's plan. Bo has a nightmare about a bomb exploding on a New York subway platform.

She and Tate head for the station. Meanwhile, Winter works to help Channing recover from her gunshot wound. Bo and Tate arrive to find Agent Ferrell and her teenaged daughter, Sasha, waiting for a train. Ferrell pulls her gun and orders Tate to the floor. Other subway patrons flee the area and Bo sees the bomb beneath a nearby bench. They all attempt to leave, but the bomb explodes and a cave-in traps them.

Ferrell cooperates with Tate to get Sasha out alive, Bo becomes friends with Sasha, and they all set out to find a way to the surface. Tate calls Winter, who rushes to the scene. He will have to find a way to rescue them without using any official crews. Back at Orchestra, Zoe confronts Skouras about Dani.

He tells her patients like Dani are why Orchestra exists. Zoe says Dani's unpredictability could damage the project. Dani later asks Skouras about Bo Adams, whom she knows was his favorite. To gain favor, she then reveals Zoe is Winter's spy. Tate and Ferrell find a drainage pipe for an escape route. He explains his story to her, as she begins to understand Skouras's true nature. Winter guides Tate through the drain system, eventually leading them to a dark corridor with drop shafts.

The group's only flashlight then burns out. Bo sets the dust in the air aglow, giving them enough light to safely navigate the corridor and out of the subway. Outside, Bo sees the bomber watching nearby. Ferrell chases the suspect into an empty building and they fight. Tate rescues her by choking him unconscious, and she allows Tate to go free. She then takes herself off of his case but acknowledges Bo is truly miraculous.

Back at Orchestra, Skouras takes Zoe into custody. After interrogating her, Skouras has Dani wipe her mind clean. Bo and Tate reunite with Winter and Channing at the safe house. Tate tells Bo that she can tell him whatever she sees in her dreams, no matter the risk. As Channing has difficulty recovering, Bo tells Tate she wants to face Skouras. She is confident she can keep them out of danger, and Tate has learned to trust her instincts.

They locate him at a gala, and Tate uses his confidence tricks to get credentials for the building, which is easier now with Bo helping. Once inside, she systematically deactivates the security team's communication devices and lures Skouras to the penthouse. Tate incapacitates his security guard, and Bo keeps the room locked down long enough to engage in conversation with him.

She quickly pleads with him to leave her alone so she and her father can live their lives. Skouras in return tries to convince Tate that he can help them. When Bo blames Skouras for the death of her mother, he tells her Winter caused her death.

Bo no longer knows whom to trust, so she and Tate leave to meet Winter. Meanwhile at Orchestra, Dani reads a doctor's mind to learn her health is degrading, and her power usage makes it worse. She asks other Orchestra students about their symptoms, but nobody talks about it. She finds a room with sick telepaths being treated by doctors in hazmat suits. She confronts Skouras upon his return, accusing him of willingly endangering her life.

She begins to telepathically strangle but not kill him, and leaves the facility. Elsewhere, Channing's condition worsens, and she needs professional medical care. Bo manipulates a lightning storm, so she and Tate can escape Skouras' henchmen and meet up with Winter at the helipad. Despite being in a hurry to fly Channing to a hospital, Bo is reluctant to enter the helicopter and tells Winter she may not be able to trust him.

Flashbacks show his role in her mother's death as he agreed to the demonstration for the military to secure funding. It is also revealed that Bo's mother had an illness similar to the one Dani is having. Bo forgives Winter once he shows remorse, but she says she can no longer stay with him.

Tate and Bo leave on their own, as Winter watches from the helicopter.

Skouras then calls him to ask for assistance with a new problem: