Alchemy Rum: short fiction & The Graveyard Noir

Humanity by The Flame and Hawk's Eye reviews After a horrifying incident, Edward and Roy race against the clock to try and make things right, while Riza struggles with the notion of what it truly means to be human. Rated for violence, language, and graphic scenes. Job Well Done by Rassilon reviews Happy days turned into happy years turned into a happy life. But now it's all over, and the emotions have to say their farewells.

The Muse of Xerxes by freebird reviews legends tell of a Queen of Xerxes bearing secret knowledge for her King. In the present time, history seems to be repeating itself once more. What's In A Name? Even a forced one. The Story of Us by a-proud-fangirl reviews Their story isn't ordinary, but as long as they have each other, they are happy.

He will make sure that she is in his future as well. Roy could only hold off the rain for so long She was his only one until that one day when his heart fell for another female soul. How would he tell ber about this without breaking her heart? Smile, Mrs Wickham by I found my Mr. Darcy reviews George Wickham has been missing for three days. What is Lydia thinking? Rated M for themes of domestic violence. Please do post a review. Happy Mother's Day, Riza! A story on why Riza truly deserves to be celebrated on Mother's day.

The Fullmetal Alchemist is sent to the rescue, but just how far is Edward willing to go to save his superior officer? Seize My Heart by oh-you-pretty-things reviews He was so persistent and his tenacity annoyed her. He was so clever and his innovation annoyed her. He wore his emotions on his face so openly and that annoyed her. But what annoyed her more than anything was how much she noticed him.

A series of short vignettes about Astrid and Hiccup. How will she survive in this new world? By Order Of Their Birth, First by desertrat68 reviews Georgiana Darcy, the firstborn Darcy sibling, has much to learn about importance of duty, honor, and social status in the journey to find true happiness and love. All the while, another matter of honor threatens to destroy Elizabeth's family. Forms of Aggression by T-phon reviews Mustang and Hawkeye are drugged by a bitter exiled military officer, resulting in aggressive behavior toward one another.

The Elrics race to stop them before they do something they regret. RoyAi oneshot, post-Promised Day. Operation Valentine by bellagill92 reviews There were far simpler ways to arrange a date for your friends. Ways that didn't involve the kidnapping of infants, for one. M-rating just to be safe. You Fight Good by L. Li reviews He'd never been uncertain of himself. I was the one who chose to stay away. But if I could beg a few moments of your time, and perhaps a bit more once you finish reading — there is something you should know. For What It's Worth by 17comets reviews 'They scale the walls and he thinks she is the only one who can teach him to defy gravity.

Human Sacrifice by Minerva Aemilius reviews On the Promised Day, as Mustang is forced to perform human transmutation, Hawkeye tries to save him but is caught up in it herself. With her soul taken as payment and trapped at the Gate of Truth, her body is claimed by a reborn Lust, who seeks revenge against the now-blind Mustang. A scene that was not included in the episode 7x15 Reckoning.

War Paint by Kakawot reviews Using war paint to become scarier was an old Viking tradition, so naturally it extends to their dragons. So how come Toothless remains the only dragon au naturel? The very thought that the State would actually take a boy as young as Edward for the job of State Alchemist made him sick. How could any child sink so low as to dedicate the rest of their life to becoming a pawn of monsters? Barry into helping her find her Christmas presents.

Based on a headcanon I have. Originally written for WestAllen Week on tumblr. K - English - Chapters: Usually it was of the female or food variety; the first, though, had been limited since he started dating Pepper, and the second was more following his stomach. Still, it wasn't everyday someone saw a white marshmallow looking robot walking down the street. Starlight, Starbright by thefourteenthdarkone reviews During a particularly rowdy brawl, Lucy escapes to her star-gazing hill.

Turns out, Jellal likes stargazing too. Not a romantic one-shot. The stories are set in the FMA: Brotherhood world and range from their childhood to post-Promised Day. There will be an upload a day every day until Christmas! The themes will range from humorous, to angst, to a little of everything. Rated T for some suggestive themes. The Late Egg by sunflowerb reviews "They're going to hatch, they are.

They're just a bit later than everyone else. But they are going to hatch. She's sure they're going to hatch. She's not sure what she's going to do if they don't. Toothless is born late. K - English - Family - Chapters: Riza Hawkeye has her father's apprentice as her patient. RoyAi Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: Thought's on Royai by Hi no Hime reviews A compilation of oneshots about the relationship between Roy Mustang and his beloved Riza Hawkeye through the eyes of everyone they came in contact with throughout the series.

Knife's Edge by Unidentified Pie reviews He's like a naked blade, and Yukine is like a… a soft toy, maybe, or a kitten, that's just walked up to the blade and is nuzzling against it, and Yato just knows that he's gonna hurt this child. In which a friend has become an akayashi, Yukine's crying, and Yato just does his best to be strong for them both.

Roy takes him home and contemplates what soldiers sacrifice for those they love. EdWin, Royai if you squint. However as a freak blizzard comes, Eugene finds himself engaging in the life of a young girl selling matches. Combat Skills by sarabethloves reviews Riza has always been a renowned sniper, but very little people know that she is also talented in combat as well. She is finally able to showcase her skills when a cocky, up and coming sergeant who has been known to bully Fuery challenges anyone brave enough to a sparring match and Riza decides to accept.

No one messes with Riza Hawkeye's friends and gets away with it Sakura and Syaoran are happy though in separate countries. One night, Sakura encounters a mage who captures her cards and guardians. Card Captor Sakura - Rated: How is this Possible?

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Alchemy Rum: short fiction & The Graveyard Noir - Kindle edition by Wolfgang Lehmkuhl, Daedra Smith, Stephen J. Heffernan, Melissa Schramm. Download it. Daedra Smith is the author of Alchemy Rum ( avg rating, 4 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) Alchemy Rum: short fiction & The Graveyard Noir by.

She had not expected to find this stranger boy astride a dragon. She had not expected for her world to tremble. Nobody knows where he's gone or why, but when he returns, something is different. Nobody, not his friends, not his partner, not even his wife knows what's going on.

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Then a murder comes across their desks, and they're thrown into a past nobody knew about, one that should have been left alone. How does a captain treat a woman who he thought was a man for several weeks? How does a father treat his daughter, one who has earned more recognition than even he did in his prime?

Even more curiously, how does said father treat this strange captain who arrived with his daughter? Hidden Talents by Firefly Alchemist reviews Hawkeye has trouble getting ready and the Colonel steps in to help. Two Worlds, Two Words Series: Minding Manners and Methods by Dobby's Socks reviews An average day takes an odd turn when Barry's abilities start acting up against his will. Features the whole S.

No major spoilers, set anywhere between episodes 2 and 5. Losing to Win by darcyfarrow reviews With the arrival of Emma in Storybrooke, Rumplestiltskin awakens from the curse and learns Regina's had her revenge upon him—by marrying Belle off to his only friend. The situation becomes even more complicated when Belle and Dove learn they're about to become parents. Takes place in season 1. Wicked Way by fatnakedkitten reviews After a fun date, Neal and Emma walked into the pawn shop to find a scarring scene with Rumple and Belle.

Sequel to Just Breathe. Choices by Jecir reviews "We can fix this, Henry, but you must understand. What you have set in motion cannot be undone, not fully. No matter what happens after today, your life will never be the same. I can promise, however, that if you trust me, I will grant your true wish. Of Luck and Lightning by EmeraldFire reviews Henry Allen had always believed that his son had suffered enough in his short lifespan.

Having your mother murdered, your fatherly falsely accused of the crime, and your family shamed seemed pretty bad to him. So, how did he manage to get struck by lightning? Fairness is a lie. Inspired by The Flash premiere. Oneshot Flash - Rated: Courage of the Stars by Takada Saiko reviews If there's one trait Baelfire shares with his late father, it's that he's willing to do anything to get back to his family, even dabble in some of the darkest of spells and bending the laws of magic.

AU to Quiet Minds. In Pieces by wordslinger reviews She guarded his body, and he guarded her heart. Mostly canon, deviations near the end extending past the original material. A Good Friend by wordslinger reviews Maes Hughes is a good friend who knows how to keep his mouth shut when it's important. Edward and Roy struggle to evade their pursuers while trying to stay alive.

A chance occurrence has Hoenheim realizing that - despite his absence - his boys always had a father. Vengeance by bananaforscale reviews Three times Hawkeye takes her revenge. Flashbacks by TheGlitterAlchemist Riza has second thoughts about her marriage after brief flashbacks. I suck at summaries and writing. Rated M for a reason A Krew drabble set in between the three-year timeskip. Legend of Korra - Rated: Would you like to stay for Dinner? The good mood shifts easily when the only topic Grumman's willing to talk about is matrimony. And things don't get better when Brigadier General Mustang unexpectedly arrives Rebirth by Chuui reviews Roy and Riza had survived so much in the past, all they wanted now was not to waste the precious moments they had together from this moment onward.

Unfortunately, things never did go as planned as things take a turn for the worse as Roy tries to put his life back together after his happiness is taken away from him again. Lucky by redgrass-and-silvertrees reviews Sometimes Roy Mustang contemplates the luck involved when he took the Elric brothers into his care and he's not really thinking about the stripes on his uniform.

Mustang Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: Balance, Interrupted by Progman reviews The world has told Korra, time and time again, that they don't need their Avatar anymore. Now, essentially stripped of her already weakened identity and purpose in life, she's starting to agree. Thankfully, the Spirit World has a knack for guiding the lost toward the right path, even if it needs a little help now and then.

Father Figure by royza-hawkstang reviews Someone has been keeping close tabs on Riza Hawkeye…the question is how far they'll be willing to go to have her. Set post-Brotherhood, and may contain spoilers for that series. Rated M for language and adult content. Two's Company by jacksparrow reviews As a social creature, Roy faced a bit of a challenge integrating into the Hawkeye household.

Riza, of course, had to put up with him. Bennet, Lady Catherine's personal physician, has brought his family to live in the shadow of Rosings park to benefit from the attentions of his patroness. Headstrong Elizabeth seems to thwart the great lady at every turn, but for the sake of Anne, Elizabeth is forgiven—until she refuses to turn her back on Mr. One Step At A Time by words-with-dragons reviews They would get through this the same way Toothless helped him through losing his leg: Telling Them Apart by Cke1st reviews The main battle in the second movie might have turned out very differently if Drago had made one small, understandable mistake.

Both Stoick and the Snowy Bewilderbeast would still be alive as a result, Drago Bludvist would have been completely humiliated, and Hiccup and Valka would have shared a good laugh together. Original Powers by Robin4 reviews AU post 3x Rumplestiltskin's curse breaks when he stabs Pan, but when one darkness falls, another rises. Enter the Black Fairy as the power behind the Witch. This is the price to be paid—war in the Enchanted Forest that our heroes may not be able to win. Now Rumplestiltskin must play a dangerous game where the rules keep changing Defying the Reid Effect by gift of the gabz reviews He'd faced down his own personal demons and many hardened criminals before.

So why did he feel so terrified? It was just babysitting. Criminal Minds - Rated: Special Gifts by Tibki reviews Everyone in the world is born with a Special Gift; something that makes them unique, that makes them feel worthy and makes them worth keeping in a tribe. Hiccup thinks he knows what his Special Gifts are; he was born with them, after all. But is he right? Not the sci-fi-esque story this summary implies. Complete as of the thrice-updated epilogue; revision's hard. Someone has kidnapped the Furhur's son and Edward Elric arrives to help an old friend save his family.

T - English - Drama - Chapters: After Blue Pegasus curses all of the chocolate in Fiore when they didn't receive enough for Valentine's, it's up to the members of the new Crime Sorciere and Juvia to figure out what Jellal should give Erza for White Day. The Helmet by chellethewriter reviews "As he flew away, Toothless resolved to find that helmet no matter what, and thus make everything right. He would even use the new tail-fin to do it. Hiccup could just wait and see. Sort-of-sequel to my other story, No Longer Alone, but prior reading is unnecessary.

T to be safe! When Riza's favorite dress is ruined and she becomes upset with him, Roy decides it's high time he does something to show her how much he appreciates all the work she's done to make him comfortable in her own home. No Longer Alone by chellethewriter reviews Toothless had been born alone, and he expected to die the same way. Loneliness was his way of life. But what happens when he bonds with a Viking boy named Hiccup, despite the feud between their species?

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Basically the entire movie from Toothless's POV, and believe it or not, he's a pretty intelligent dragon. Rated T to be safe! Classified Information by claraowl reviews Written in honor of the rather obscure holiday of National Lipstick Day. A royai oneshot concerning information that Roy, strictly speaking, did not know when of course he did.

Isolated but Never Alone by whatifellinlovewith reviews "This is different. This is her child, her precious little baby, and her child is sick. What difference would it have made in The Limey when Hunt showed up? Poison Pen by diva. Ginny's about to leave for her assignment: She is leaving Harry behind along with her three kids. Harry has to cope with his kids while juggling meals, energetic kids, and spilled milk.

Rated M for lemon fluff in the first chapter, and other domestic fun. Cover art provided by the lovely and talented anxiouspineapples. M - English - Family - Chapters: And a nightmare of hurting Hiccup doesn't make it any better. Luckily, Cloudjumper is able of offer some words of wisdom and begins to heal the Alpha Dragon's suffering heart. Cold North Wind by sunflowerb reviews Valka had been prepared never to see her baby again. She had not been prepared to see him all grown up. Espionage by Janieshi reviews "Lieutenant Hawkeye sat in stunned silence, with letters spilled all across her lap, eagerly devouring the words of a boy she'd once known.

Smiling Down by redhandedwickedlittlemachine reviews Kate goes through a myriad of emotions in her second pregnancy as she recalls her first. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: It's A Bird Thing by e1nav57 reviews Aurora had always known. It was plain for everyone to see. Well, everyone but them. MaleficentxDiaval through another's eyes. Slight AuroraxPhilip Maleficent - Rated: Constant by Alja reviews Throughout the years, she was constantly in his life, as a friend, as a crush, as a subordinate, as a lover.

Contribution to Royai-week, prompt "Constant". They knew the fear that filled his every fiber when he learned Trisha was pregnant. They knew his apprehension at being a father, but his determination to do the best job he could. They knew how he loved Trisha Elric as he had never loved another human. And they were jealous. Beautiful Boy by Glory reviews On her meds or off, grounded in reality or in a world of her own, Diana Reid never truly forgets her son Spencer, her beautiful, beautiful boy. Inspired by the John Lennon song, "Beautiful Boy. T - English - Family - Chapters: Image Detail by UntoldStories reviews It was utterly pointless to try and force people to change their opinions on things which had been established facts for decades.

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He had spent the greater part of his life fighting a losing battle. Peanut Butter and Bubble Gum by RainFlame reviews Ed decides the military world isn't all it's cracked up to be, but maybe there are some redeeming qualities. Nightmares by dianna44 reviews Roy Mustang is currently a broken man whose smiles are lies. Riza Hawkeye knows something is wrong, but how can she help save him from his own nightmares? Summary sucks so read and find out for yourself. Lollipop Moment by D. Who knew it was possible? It's the best thing in the world to have a lollipop moment. AU Star Wars - Rated: Septimana by Awahili reviews How had it all become so complicated?

Six years ago his biggest worry was dealing with Gina's wrath for not meeting her next deadline. Six years ago he'd never had cause to fear for his own life, or the life of his loved ones. A post-finale fic to tide us over until September. The Western Army is defeated; the country stands, uneasy, under the hand of the Tokugawa.

Kaoru Kamiya, whose family was on the losing side, has been sold into marriage for the sake of peace. Her new husband is a legend, a demon bound in human form, marked by his blood-lust and his bright red hair. However, legends have a way of being not exactly If You Give a Mouse a Secret by GreenyPeaSoup reviews After going on a mission where Roy Mustang is turned into a mouse temporarily, Riza hawkeye finds herself telling her true feelings to the little critter, until it backfires.

Based off of a scenario from the movie Stardust- rights to them. T to be safe. My first post ever! Of course Mac is worried. Rated T for a single slightly naughty thought. New York - Rated: She's about to discover a small secret of his past that has kept him going for so long without giving up. Now that he's regained his eyesight and she brings them up again, what could happen? Icebreakers by gleekymcgrey reviews Trapped in their humble abode during a raging storm, The Charmings resort to playing a classic question and answer card game.

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Stories are shared, and emotions unfold. How far can they go? Feel free to submit questions Once Upon a Time - Rated: He saved his life. Although the offending article is real, this is what I thought he might have to say in response. Women be warned, your blood will boil but not at him! Apr I added a followup note for people but it is not a story continuation.

Vacation in Storybrooke by HeidiBug reviews Neal never broke up with Emma all those years ago, but he took the rest of August's words seriously. With Emma's 28th birthday having arrived, Neal knows it's time to pack up the car and head to Storybrooke. While Emma and Henry believe this is just another family vacation, Neal knows they have a curse to break and a very short amount of time to do it in.

Stark Emotions by donnag76 reviews Tony encounters an emotional Pepper. They're not mine, no matter how bad I wish it were true. I just borrow them from Marvel. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Detox by Donaudampfschifffahrtsgeselle reviews Tony feels a little bit more than under the weather when the palladium detox finally kicks in. Heart of Ashes by Starlit Skyline reviews Howl, the people who were important to him and a few that weren't.

Howl's Moving Castle - Rated: Crossing Paths by Meg Moore reviews 'If she was being completely honest, she hadn't spared him a thought in ages; they hadn't spoken or crossed paths since their break-up A Final Ending by Meresger reviews Death comes to everyone. What lays beyond for Emma Swan. Spoilers for "Quiet Minds". What did his son get into? Amaurosis by Miss Mungoe reviews He's always needed her at his back, but there's more to her role now, her steady hands leading his, drawing paths before him to make sure he doesn't falter in the dark. Simple Happiness by Loreley Clay reviews "It was a wonderful thing: Fluffy, with shades of angst of course.

Trust, But Verify by Stephensmat reviews "Alexis. Kate crashes Rick's Bachelor Party. Alone by Lightning reviews Gods aren't fearless, and Yato is no exception. Home by Takada Saiko reviews Home is not a place, it is where your love resides. Wet Sheets by Alja reviews Little Maes stumbled upon his father Roy Mustang, who spent the night sleeping on the couch.

Why is Roy sleeping on the couch and what is Maes trying to hide from his mother? The cursed prince reflects on his past and his feelings for Belle. This one is inspired by all versions of this classic love story. Dedicated to everyone who ever had their heart broken or their love not returned. Beauty and the Beast - Rated: T for case references only. The missing god by charm reviews Yukine wakes up to find himself in Hiyori's house with a note from Yato saying that he left town. Why did he leave and is he ever coming back? Two Stamped Letters by LionessoftheEast reviews A received Hogwarts letter is a cause for excitement, but the second letter students receive from the Ministry isn't so pleasant.

Golden-Brown by Kinsdura reviews Not exactly the favorite color of most people nowadays, but he found it charming in its own way. Midnight Discussions by Isadora Rose Smith reviews Shang has a little insomnia and his thoughts wander. Puppy Eyes by D. Evans reviews Someone is working the puppy eyes. So sweet it'll rot your teeth. Of Flames and Firearms by fullmetalgrigori reviews With firearms, it's all about control: But this, this is not control. This is holding the killing thing so it has power over him, and power over him is power over her.

But she can't lower her weapon, because she made a promise. And even though it's killing her, she's going to keep it. In a universe where everyone is born with numbers on their wrists counting down to when they'll meet their soulmate, send me Takes place during chapter 3. I suggest reading Flame and Fire before reading this, but it is not necessary. Mustang got a glimpse of what Hawkeye would be like if she were domineering, and a fantasy comes to fruition. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Places I Will Always Go by gostlcards reviews Emma refuses to accept that the last 12 years with her son has been a lie.

Luckily, the Sheriff of the town where she chases the crazy hooked man to in pursuit of her son is a pretty reasonable guy T for a few curse words. Rising by Julia reviews One-shot. While serving his prison sentence for treason and attempted murder, Hans hears of Anna's and Kristoff's marriage. How will he react upon learning how some peasant succeeded where he failed?

Miniature Adults by Taliya reviews For all their bluster and ability, it always took Roy by surprise whenever he was reminded that Edward and Alphonse were still just children. Companion piece found in "Symbiosis". Reasons by StoriUrahara reviews Roy Mustang has his reasons for not only being a professional slacker, but also being the most well-known flirts in all of Amestris T for fluff and cursing. An Education by reviews What Mr Darcy learns. Castle and Beckett talk baby names. Rain by Epeefencer reviews 7th year and James Potter had changed. It was a puzzle to Lily Evans and if it was one thing Lily loved it was to solve puzzles.

The thing was, was she ready to find out about the puzzle that James had become. Matching Mulan by storyteller reviews So what exactly was the matchmakers thoughts when Mulan fought in a war? Not to mention have a man follow her home? Late night inspiration story! Of Automail and Alchemy by fullmetalgrigori reviews "This is the last time she'll be seeing him for who knows how long, and all she can do is yammer on about automail maintenance like a fool. No wonder he's not paying attention. That's how it's always been, and she has a feeling that's how it's always going to be. Finders Keepers by RainFlame reviews After disappearing from Inuyasha's world for three years, Kagome is finally back, and Inuyasha can't help but feel a bit jealous at all the attention she's giving everyone else.

He saw her first, and as the saying goes, finders keepers. Oneshot, Secret Santa giftfic. Rumplestiltskin takes a little bit longer to leave his shop and Pan gets a little bit closer to killing Neal. Intended for Each Other by Lady Viola Delesseps reviews Lara Lor-Van is an intelligent woman, but the things that she questions are forbidden subjects to the citizens of Krypton.

That is, until she meets Jor-El, a rebel scientist who knows more than the council would like to think, who believes in their potential together, and who dares to defy the system in the hopes of saving their world. Immortal Promises by rewind route reviews Hohenheim's and Trisha's conversation as they stare down on a newly-born Edward Elric. My Last Confession by jelly-tyson reviews Kate finds a letter not intended to be read until much later. Set mid-late Season 5, post-Probable Cause but pre-Still. Gold and Mary Margaret were married in Storybrooke.

Too bad she never assumed that they would use their resources to form an alliance against her once they awoke and realized what she'd done. Man to Man by celestial1 reviews In which the Prince of Corona is suspicious of the Prince of the Southern Islands, and his suspicions are proven correct. The most evil creatures to have ever existed are trapped inside it, screaming, struggling, eternally fighting to escape what must be a living hell. After discovering the truth about Peter Pan and what he did to Rumplestiltskin, Neal is determined to rescue his father.

But Belle knows there is only one key to the Dark Prison: Quiet has settled over the precinct. Only the captain remains. Twenty-Four Days by hap. He thinks I want a connection to her. Mostly I want information about the man who came before him. Stream of consciousness from Reed's POV. Dates by Chuui reviews Roy Mustang dated a different girl every day of the week, but was that really the truth? Also some stuff with Ursa, Ozai and assorted other Fire Nation people. Last Airbender - Rated: That Idiot Colonel Wrote a Letter by thelogicalpenny reviews As the promised day approaches Mustang writes a letter to express thoughts he wants Riza to know, should he perish during the war against the homunculi.

Letter written for hawkseyeriza of tumblr. Also, the combination is the keypad format for "hawkseye" Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: Out of Context by Kaz reviews Mako overhears part of a conversation and misinterprets everything, sending him down an angst-y spiral over Korra and her "new boyfriend".

Beckett voices her disapproval about Emma being Castle's supposed "number one fan" as she helps tend to the bruise from the shooting.

[Short story] Coffee for Two

Incarnadine by etione reviews Royai. Roy and Riza understand each other much too well. Gyatso's Legacy by Dacyon reviews Tenzin is upset because he thinks his parents didn't name him after anyone like his siblings, but his father is there to help set the record straight. A oneshot companion piece to The Legacy of the Headband. Describes the aftermath of the Air Nomad Genocide and its profound impact on Kuzon's life. Not compliant with the "Dragon Days" comic. What's In a Name? Kate finally asks, Why Castle? Not Yet by Firefly reviews He was just trying to hand his report in and get back to the library, but when Ed walks in on the breakdown of a man he had long thought indestructible.

May be triggering, possible OOC, etc. You're supposed to protect her, right? Protect her happy ending. Go off and find whatever the hell it is she's supposed to do. I'll make sure she does it…10 years from now. Till then, she gets her happy ending. Ritual by JaiSpade reviews It's difficult to acknowledge the departed, even more so around birthdays. Once a curse shattered families, lives,hearts. Now the Gold family must break it, though some of them don't even know they're related, or remember who they are, or have magic.

But what magic broke, magic can restore. A story of family, love,redemption. Rated M for mature readers sexual content. This is the story of Adam's history with roses. Oneshot Beauty and the Beast - Rated: Their first family picture by TinkerbellReturns reviews Respose to prompt: And so, they were back at the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately for Emma Swan, that meant no painkillers during labor. To make matters worse, Doc was nowhere to be found. Much to her surprise, her husband's abilities apparently included much more than just sailing a magical ship.

Warning for lots of fluffy family feels! Tenzin doesn't believe in soulmates. Heroic, powerful, a worthy friend - this is when the other members of the Seven realize it too. And please tell me if you think the rating is proper or not for this story, too high? Mustang is Not Amused. Season 11 - Through the Looking Glass by sonicking reviews This crossover story is between my fan-fiction As such, I highly recommend first checking out Volume 1: Guardian, as this takes place during the 3-week gap between vol. Motorcycle-Boy may have something to say about it. Nothing too crazy going on here!

In my world, they will always get their, well, always ;- Castle - Rated: Read the story to find out! Tie-in to "Star Vacation". While working at Caribou, Nancy recognizes an old rival. Clarisse meets a chip-toothed punk. Sloan meets his old nemesis in unlikely circumstances. On the Way Home by mosylu reviews What do you do with a distraught superhero, who has just destroyed the last vestige of his own world in order to save yours?

If you're Lois Lane, you give him first dibs on the shower. Man of Steel 'verse. Surrogacy by dstroyersoffspring reviews Parental! Mustang believes he would be a bad father figure. Edward and Hughes disagree. Stroke by RainFlame reviews Roy had been looking forward to a quiet evening at home, but all of his plans go up in smoke when a certain blond alchemist shows up at his doorstep, injured and bleeding. Rated for injury, just to be safe. Too Human by Anti-Kryptonite reviews Reconnecting with a son who's had nightmares about you for centuries is a daunting task, but Rumplestiltskin refuses to give up.

Fun Sized by GunnerPuppy reviews They'll pay for this monstrous act! Nobody turns her into a child and humiliates her like this in front of the center of her universe and gets away unscathed! Head canon, sort of. A bunch of Percy's friends find Gabe in a Soho gallery. Paul finds Percy unconscious outside of Goode. Poseidon never knew what to think. Inner Child by LaguNerd reviews It's easy to forget sometimes that Edward is still just a child after all he's been through, but he is and children tend to have some interesting quirks and habits T - English - Humor - Chapters: As it turns out, so was Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century - Rated: The Contract by Loopy reviews I wanted to do my take on the idea of a formal betrothal between Mai and Zuko as kids. Somehow, I wound up with a comedic satire of Fire Nation culture as seen through the eyes of Mai and Ursa. Dusk by Allemagne reviews How could he have ever believed that maybe, just maybe, the sun could shine, even for a monster? He will let no one save her see this facet of himself.

Part Two - Riza Hawkeye: They know each other so well but he still has a way of surprising her at times. Just One Child Like Me by ayziks reviews Despite her love for all of her air bending children, Pema still kept a prayer in her heart for someday having a non-bending child to love too.

This is the story of celebrating that miracle come true, but not without one more element of surprise. Father by Starsilla reviews When he was younger, most boys would boast about their father. When siblings and he were asked the question, none of them spoke a word. Let's go, Lieutenant by vrangr reviews When Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye momentarily leaves Colonel Roy Mustang to his paperwork, she finds herself in an emotional spiral while at the shooting range at Central City HQ afterhours.

Celebrating Royai day ! A Familial Notion by purplerayz reviews Rossi isn't quite sure what to think of the team's youngest member, but an incident at a crime scene adjusts his perception. Takes place in season 3. A series of vignettes featuring missing moments between Emma and David in season 2 as they get to know each other and learn to be a family. Final set of vignettes about Neal are now up. An Act of Love by Child of Mars reviews Henry's birthday is coming up in the Enchanted Forest, and Rumplestiltskin is having difficulty coming up with the perfect present, until Belle makes a suggestion.

That suggestion, however, leads him to think more about other people, specifically his family, than he has for many years. Charming Family-Centric piece, with loads of Rumple and Regina thrown in. Rated K for angst. And Riza Hawkeye was the biggest. Seven one shots, each topic being about each deadly sin. This will be rated T until further chapters Lust, obviously. Thanks for giving me a try! Safe and Sound by sass box reviews How the hell was Flack supposed to know that it was his appendix and not the worst case of the flu ever? It's not like he went to medical school. Some very interesting people had been there, including what seemed to be every girl Roy had ever dated in Central, and that odd woman, Madame Christmas.

Riza has question and Roy has a few tipsy answers. Currently a one-shot, may end up a two-shot. My thoughts on Chris and Elizabeth. Kill Me or Kiss Me? Do You Believe in Fate? They are different from what we've seen and it may be hard to accept at first, but underneath it all we know their true destiny. A Change In Me by disneylove89 reviews Belle is saved from the wolves by the Beast, but is injured and becomes ill as a result. Because of this, though, Belle is unknowingly able to find the chink in the Beast's hard heart and begin their odd relationship.

A larger look at Belle and the Beast's lives with expanded movie scenes and original chapters beginning from just after the wolf chase and past the movie's end. Baby Girl by marylwhit reviews JJ and Spencer try to find the perfect name for their daughter, and Spencer struggles with the new arrival.

She sees a father, a father who spent long hours spinning wool to feed his son, dressed in homespun rags and clutching to his walking stick for dear life as he stood firm against whatever trials life threw at him, wishing only to protect and care for his boy. Some days, Emma knows it.

Our Strange Family by mamaXunicorn reviews At a Charmingstiltskin family dinner, you never know what surprises are in store but this family is about to get much bigger and much more complicated. The Mara by chrino reviews Hiccup wakes up from a dreadful nightmare, expecting to see the creature that had caused it. How come he then saw no one else but his trusted dragon sleeping peacefully on his stoneslab? You Can Thank Me Later by Elfpen reviews The winter holidays have rolled around once more, and with Snoggletog comes the annual dragon nesting season. Like five years ago, Hiccup constructs an autonomous tail for Toothless.

And, like five years ago, Toothless uses the tail to leave Berk - but this time, it's not because of a helmet. He comes back late, but Hiccup can't hold a grudge against such a pleasant surprise. How to Speak Royai by Oswin reviews For dummies. Starry Night by lily moonlight reviews As a little girl, Stella makes a wish upon her Christmas star; years later, Mac is forced to rediscover his own belief in the magic of Christmas.

The Father-Daughter Dance by Neftzer reviews Emma and Charming have been dancing around their relationship for far too long without actually addressing it. Or even having a scene on the show written for them to share. It's time they had a talk about it. This scene could occur at any time following Emma's return from the Enchanted Forest, the arrival of Neal in Storybrooke, and before the episode "Lacey".

But why does Percy always get so distant when Annabeth's new boyfriend comes by? Rated T cause I'm paranoid. It is more true to Brotherhood than the original FMA. Solutions by Crysania reviews After Belle's apartment is broken into three times, Gold attempts to come up with a way for her to feel safer. K - English - Humor - Chapters: Story Hour by Dani-Ellie03 reviews All three of Emma's family members were staring at her expectantly.

She was sick, for crying out loud! They were seriously going to make her sit here and tell them stories from her life? On the other hand, she would get stories in return, stories she was surprised to find she really wanted to hear. Some are romance, some are familial, and some are slightly twisted. The Game by Ieyre reviews Gold came for his son but stayed for the scotch Gold have a late night chat in Mary Margaret's apartment about his love life, her magic and fate in general, and play a game she and Neal made up when they were on the road. Willow by scarlet-fever reviews It wasn't his fault really, Riza knew that, but she was getting sick of him taking all the credit all the time, for being the brother that she didn't want, for being the son her father had dreamed of She'll be happy to have her load lightened and she'll be glad he found even a minor loophole in his task.

As the only relatively sober one, Roy has to take care of her. M for suggestive themes. Hints of Rebecca x Havoc, Royai. Based on fanart by taylortots on tumblr. Skype by Crowded Angels reviews Taking a breath, she continued, "I also bet you've been 'sleeping' in that chair, almost rammed a guy's head through the mirror in an interrogation room and nearly pulled your gun on Adam when he startled you. A Good Father by lilybelle14 reviews The two times Snow knew Charming would be a good father, and the two times she was proved right. An AU future story, consisting of seven chapters the author cannot allow to happen in mainverse, but couldn't resist writing down anyway.

Hints are possible, but so are red herrings. Read at your own risk. The first time they'd met, Triton thinks he's small. The next time they meet, Triton has to say she's grown up well. Growing Younger by Captured Moon reviews One-shot. It took her awhile to notice the changes. It started so leisurely, but now Kaoru was certain… Kenshin was becoming younger. Takes place before Emma's in town so Gold does not remember who he is. Childhood Dreams by ShadowRose reviews Sometimes, your wildest childhood dreams are the ones that actually come true. Important information by Insane. Certifiably reviews It was customary in Storybrooke to post in Granny's Diner important information, such as Greg Mendel's release date, that needed to be spread quickly.

It was not customary to have entire conversations on said paper, but the town had gotten even stranger since the stranger passed the Welcome sign. These characters are not quite yours, are they? A tentative M for the last chapter. All finished, so not really a WIP at all. What if even this special gift couldn't help her figure out the mysterious Darcy? The King, the Queen, and the Alchemist: What better tale to tell than the story of the king, the queen, and how they came to be?

In looking through a box of old books, Harry finds Sirius' guide to becoming an Animagus. Despite the warnings to ensure he was not alone, Harry decided to give it a go. He managed to transform, but now what? How did he change back? But when he really meets her, things don't go as he has expected. Because Flynnigan Rider books never mention about tiny princesses with chubby legs and little arms who likes to drool over our future hero. Rewrite with added scenes. Only One Word Comes to Mind by wonderwoundedhearers reviews From beginning to end this explores what Michael's thinking, in every scene he's ever appeared in, in 'The Princess Diaries' — through books , I'll give you a peek into his complicated boy-brain.

Princess Diaries - Rated: I've been a supporter and fan of Midnight Syndicate for a long time. My autographed copy of 'Born of the Night' is among my most prized possessions. Lawrence Frances Mullozzi Frances Mullozzi is a beauty makeup instructor, and a special effects freelance artist. She has a passion and respect for beauty and sfx and loves the variety that both makeup worlds have to offer. She enjoyed the entire process of creating this prosthetic, the hard work and end result was very rewarding.

I love the variety of music Midnight Syndicate offers. It helps me stay focused and ignites my imagination. The music sets an atmosphere and brings my characters to life, with the sounds of the melodies. I'm a huge fan and listen while sculpting, driving, or relaxing at home. I would recommend Midnight Syndicate to all artists and is a must have for all music lovers! The Sect of Seven was supposed to be a fairytale When she finds her home destroyed one night by the one thing she loves, Fura Feuer goes from working at the local Renaissance Festival to discovering an ancient parallel realm, filled with darkness and magic.

Now, stuck with a man who acts as if he'd rather have never met her, they have to put aside their differences to stop a prophecy years in the making, for the Nyte-Fyre Prophecy has finally been unleashed Sparks and Shadows is the first novel in a series of eight by author Kendrick von Schiller. I've been listening to Midnight Syndicate for years. It's excellent background music that is not only a superb mix of dark and creepy, but is also artistically inspiring. It is fantastic for setting scenes and immersing myself into the world I've created.

I included them in the dedication, because without their music, I don't know where my novel would be. How dangerous can it be for the military to build a zombie park? What could possibly go wrong? The military promised that there was zero possibility for the zombies to escape. They were dead wrong. Check it out on Amazon at: A frightening collection of themes and soundscapes perfect for your Halloween event or simply to serve as a sonic backdrop to your darkest nightmares! Click the link below for this release and many classic Virgil CDs.

Midnight Syndicate have always served as a huge inspiration for my haunt-related composition. Always raising the bar and setting the standard, Midnight Syndicate are my personal go-to when I want to enjoy a 'haunt fix'. This October, climb aboard Pantophobia Haunted House's "tram" wagon and tour their Hollyweird Back Lots as we unearth those characters that have left you scarred for life. I opened my first haunted house in New Jersey in called the Haunted Hotel.

I went to the Transworld show and that is where I met and fell in love with Midnight Syndicate. I instantly bought all the CDs that were for sale at the time. My favorite is Born of the Night. Today, when I listen to that piece, it takes me right back to the first year and opening night. I also do the graphic design for the haunt and I'll put Midnight Syndicate's music on while I'm designing, just for inspiration.

It's the only music I have ever used at my haunt. In the past, they have had guests such as William B. B The music of Midnight Syndicate is a love song playing in your nightmares. For more horror soundtracks from Mystary, visit http: Midnight Syndicate are the greatest legends in horror music. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be as far as I am today musically. They are truly a big inspiration to the horror industry and a blessing to every artist that can appreciate real music -- Mystary.

This volume contains three tales which blend horror, action and the occasional not-so-happy ending. Inside you'll meet a father and son hunting a werewolf, an elderly blind man on the last leg of his life's journey, and a Skin Walker who finds himself in the role of vigilante. You can preview the books and find out more at: I'd recommend Midnight Syndicate to anyone, but especially to writers who like to have music playing while they create.

Their unique sound is exactly what you need when you're looking to climb into the depths of your mind and unearth the creations buried there. Some great haunt music from the UK! Chilling atmosphere combined with infectious grooves and killer beats, inspired by 70s and 80s horror soundtracks, but with a modern take, the latest CD is a dark ambient ride into a sinister world of killer clowns and circus freaks. From homages to classic eras in horror and dark ambient pieces oozing with atmosphere to twisting classic horror scores with electronic beats to create feelings of dread and unease Midnight Syndicate are my go-to albums where I am looking for the perfect atmosphere for my haunt.

They are a huge inspiration and they continue to set the benchmark for dark soundtracks - all of their work is exceptional - delivering dark atmosphere and haunting melodies. I like to describe Nocturnal Solitude as Night Doom, music that is very dark, yet very mournful with dark sounds that mesmerize and hooks the immortal soul My new release, Crimson Redemption is my first new album in seven long years.

It can be viewed and listened to at http: I can honestly say I have been a fan for a total now of 15 years. The very first album I heard was "Born of The Night". I've been hooked since. Midnight Syndicate's music has helped me with my anxiety and stress issues a great deal and has made my goddaughter relax and calm down when she was a baby.

I have always been attracted to the darker side of life because many choose to ignore it. Midnight Syndicate brings the darkness to a whole new light and I greatly thank them for that. They specialize in spirit profiling historic research to better understand individual cases. A lot of our members have enjoyed the music of Midnight Syndicate for many years now. We will play their music in the background before a lecture or at a public meet and greet.

When I am researching a case, their music is playing. Magician Micah Cover's Annual Night of the Raven is a yearly variety show of magic, music and mayhem honoring the life, work and mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe held each year at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Guests of the Night of the Raven are greeted with the music of Midnight Syndicate as they enter the Palace of Mystery, arguably the most famous magic stage in the world, hidden within the invitation-only mecca of magic, the Magic Castle.

I end the show with my straight jacket escape while reciting Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven - to the perfect accompaniment of Midnight Syndicate's music. To me, they are a photographic wonderland. I actually get excited when I see a cemetery! Black and white infrared photography has been my specialty for years. I find the surreal quality of infrared to be the perfect medium to express my endless imagination. My infrared cemetery photography can be viewed at http: I am so thrilled and honored to featured on the Midnight Syndicate website.

I have enjoyed listening to Midnight Syndicate for many Halloween seasons and other times of the year , and I have always said that they are the best! Lately I've been listening their music so frequently that I hear it in my head like a soundtrack as I'm walking down the street. I have to admit that I find it to be relaxing, but then again, I'm a person who loves cemeteries! Brice Bonnery is a French photographer who loves to take pictures with a dark atmosphere. For more of his work, visit his Facebook page: Midnight Syndicate creates a very dark atmosphere.

Powerful family harmonies blending together like only the voices of twin sisters can; combined with heartfelt original songs, is what you can expect to hear from The Mann Sisters. Their song Halloween Night is a fun, rocking tune, for all ages, that'll put you in a festive, Halloween mood, no matter the time of year! Check out their work at http: Since I was a child, I always have had a fascination with the paranormal and horror movies. But after working for over twenty years as a newspaper photographer, I wanted to make pictures that where more personal to me.

I came across a book by UK photographer Simon Marsden I realized I could combine my love of photography and the paranormal. With my new found inspiration I began traveling and photographing as many historic haunted places as I could. My website Phantasmagoria Photography is where I allow my dark side to run free and showcase my work. The music of Midnight Syndicate has always played an important part of my work from the very beginning.

When I'm on the road traveling to a location I'm always listening to the moody dark music to help get me in to the proper mind set when I arrive. After my trips I start the long painstaking and solitary process of editing my images and writing my stories. Once again the haunting music of Midnight Syndicate playing in the background helps with creating an image and story full of mood and atmosphere.

I have yet to find any other type of music that has the quality and beauty that Midnight Syndicate produces. Graduating from the College of Creative Studies, with her Bachelors in Photography, Jessica Krutell found her inspiration in fears and abnormalities. She has worked at a local haunted house as an actor and manager for eight years; being within the haunt industry definitely encouraged the creepy side of her and provided her with ample opportunities to work with other characters and models.

For this photograph, she wanted to capture herself interacting with her alter ego and haunt character, Mildred the Doll. My favorite song is 'Lullaby' from 'The Dead Matter: I recently saw Midnight Syndicate perform live and the entire show experience really helped me fall in love with Halloween and the creepy aesthetic all over again. Enter the magical world of King Pumpkin - Mark Zahn's spookily charming collection of verses set on Halloween night!

Learn how the jack-'o-lantern got its name; watch a macabre dance of the living dead clatter about a graveyard; witness a hungry creature that lives beneath a child's bed; try your hand at ghoulish recipes from a witch's kitchen; and see why zombies don't write poetry! With verses for trick-or-treaters young and old - and enhanced by haunting black-and-white illustrations from renowned artist, Katie Aguado - this delightfully devilish volume is sure to become a Halloween classic!

Nocturne Alchemy is a perfume house in San Francisco consisting of five perfume experts from different fields in the business of aroma. Started in and having taken on the name NAVA VA comes from the gothic side of perfume, VApothecary , they travel the world in search of perfume notes, components, resins, botanicals and herbs to create in their Studio in SF, perfume oils. They listen to music a lot for inspiration and no doubt many of their creations in the VApothecary section and Dan Brereton's Nocturnals were composed with the haunting, ethereal and atmospheric music of Midnight Syndicate.

It was only a matter of time before they realized this would be a great collaboration. You can hear the music of Midnight Syndicate in the Dan Brereton's Nocturnals video as well as the current Limited Collection video on the home page the Limited rotate with new perfumes every month. Dan Brereton's Nocturnals with music by Midnight Syndicate: The Immortals section was also created while listening to 'Vampyre' and 'Realm of Shadows'. The music feeds the urge to create 'shadows' in perfume by applying specific components to the scent in their compositions.

We find Midnight Syndicate a brilliant 'go-to' when needing that inspiration that adds a touch of spooktacular, haunting, Halloween and a bit of monster to our perfumes. I strongly believe, like music, everything has a beginning, middle and end, and adding the element of Midnight Syndicate to the perfume creation, adds an element unseen, but heard if you listen with your eyes closed, inhale and find that world that Midnight Syndicate creates, it's there The Unknown is hungry. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves and stranger creatures still feast on the fear, misery, and sometimes the flesh and blood of the unwary.

When people see the Unknown, they might run in fear. They might ignore it, hoping never to feel its horrible touch again. But a few brave souls stand up and fight. In Chill , you play one of those few. Chill is a horror roleplaying game, currently funding on Kickstarter. One of the stretch goals is a special mission written by longtime Midnight Syndicate collaborator Christopher Robichaud and a specially prepared soundtrack by Midnight Syndicate. Backers can immediately download a quickstart to see the rules and artwork of Chill.

Check it out, and see what lurks in the shadows. Information about the Kickstarter campaign can be found here. If you are a fan of Midnight Syndicate, and in the Los Angeles area, you have to check out this live horror show!

Urban Death is an hour-long live theatre production of the Grand Guignol tradition that runs weekly at Zombie Joe's , a small indie theatre located in the NoHo Arts District. The show consists of a series of short, always wordless, nightmare vignettes that range from the horrific to the absurd, from inappropriately off-color and darkly humorous to the insanely creepy and inspiring. You won't be disappointed! The tribal heartbeat of transcendental voices displace us into an alternate, ethereal world with each and every crafted tune we listen to, and relish within.

Midnight Syndicate and their canon of work have graciously provided us horror artists an inspired pad from which we can launch. When they're not building the set for the upcoming Midnight Syndicate Live! Their signature one of the innovations they brought to the haunt industry is their lightweight, extremely realistic line of weapons shown above. Be sure to stop by their website www. Their sound artistic style has reach millions, Midnight Syndicate is amazing.

They are definitely the must listen to for and beyond. Can't wait for the LIVE show!! If you've listened to Monsters of Legend you've already enjoyed the work of this week's Legions of the Night feature, voice over artist extraordinaire, Dick Terhune. In addition to writing and performing the Latin prayer on Requiem , his chameleon vocals appear on several other tracks including: Watchful Gathering and Unwanted Visitor.

A gifted artist, we're glad to have Dick as part of the Midnight Syndicate production team. Got a haunt, dark attraction, or horror project? Here's more on his company, Voice From Hell. A career in advertising, marketing and voiceover The birth was equally fuelled by frustration. As a marketer and ad-creator, I was appalled at what passed for "haunt advertising" at that time—and sadly, to this day.

My goal is, was, and always will be to provide the most effective traffic-building marketing strategies and advertising for big, medium and small haunts and scare attractions, wherever they may be. When I want to establish a mood or bring a haunt commercial to life unlife? Being asked to provide "background vocals" for Monsters of Legend was a dream come true. The Big Scary Show covers everything in the haunt, horror and Halloween industry from the smallest home haunts to the largest conventions and tradeshows.

Our "Roundtable of Terror" pits our four g hosts against a wide variety of guests as we pick a topic relevant to the industry and discuss in detail. You can go back through our archives to catch their previous appearances. In addition, Midnight Syndicate's music is featured prominently on our show, whether as background music for segments or commercials, or even featured as musical selections. We are proud to have them as an unofficial sponsor of the show. This includes the use of the Wedding Chapel in Hell and a ceremony especially written for this contest by Alternative Weddings using Midnight Syndicate's music.

There will also be a gift from Deadly Grounds Coffee to the winning couple. The wedding is the 3rd Saturday of September, the contest ends August 1st. The ceremony does not have to be legal, it can do renewal of vows or same sex. To enter, simply send an essay on "Why I want to get married in Hell" to kim alternativeweddings.

For more information on Alternative Weddings, visit: It is great for use as background music before and after the wedding as well as for walking down the aisle. I have also been using Midnight Syndicate music in hearse displays for many years. Starlighting Projects designs and builds miniature special effects for scale model builders and action figure collectors.

The company's 'props' use light and sound to recreate the look and feel of classic horror cinema. Their easy to use products allow builders and collectors alike to create dramatic displays which include light and sound effects. Many items the company produces are 'one of a kind'. For show and new product info visit them on Facebook. For Product and "how-to" videos, visit their Youtube Channel.

Midnight Syndicate's music on Monsters of Legend and Carnival Arcane creates the perfect vibe for making monstrous mayhem with special effects. Mark and I have been collaborating on projects for over twenty years now. In addition to being one of the co-founders of Entity Productions and filming the original 'The Dead Matter' with me, he has done graphic design off and on for Midnight Syndicate since the self-titled debut he even wrote and produced a track on the first album called "Zoe 5". The familiar silhouette image you see at the top of Midnight Syndicate's website and just about everywhere else is just one of the many iconic pieces he's produced for us.

He was integral in producing the first Midnight Syndicate live concerts back in '98, a co-producer and visual effects artist on The Dead Matter , and, of course, is a part of the upcoming Midnight Syndicate Live! Legacy of Shadows show. I think this music video he directed featuring two up and coming artists from the Los Angeles area that go by the name Anodica might appeal to many of you. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter https: Weaving together elements of southern Gothic, science fiction, fantasy, horror, the supernatural, and much more, this diverse collection of short stories brings you an array of characters who must face accountability, responsibility, and, more ominously, retribution.

To find out more about Irredeemable , click here. Midnight Syndicate is a fantastic panacea to writer's block. Clark Down is a psychiatrist who treats many forms of phobias, especially coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. After a harrowing encounter with a patient, Dr. Down becomes aware of an ancient tome titled Dead Clowns.

As Dark Clown emerges and Dr. Down diminishes, the book is lost to him. Down continues his search for the book while still treating his patients even though his mind drifts deeper and deeper into madness. I've been keeping up with their music ever since. Their music not only gets my creative juices flowing, but it also gives me motivation to pull those all-nighters.

For 22 years, Castle Blood has given people in the Pittsburgh area a taste of classic Halloween fun and scares all cleverly wrapped up in an adventure game scenario that gets the public more deeply involved in the theatrical experience. Castle Blood is currently running a kickstarter campaign to help fund their move into a year old funeral parlour, which they have purchased and are trying to restore. You can find out more here: The classic melodies they provide have always been the perfect tone to set in our attraction, and on our TV show 'Midnight Monster Hop,' as well.

Their designs and approach to haunting are the perfect compliment to our music. If anyone can take this century-old funeral parlour and turn it into something special, it's the Castle Blood team. They have our full support! Open the doorway to a new realm of forgotten memories and classical horror ambience as you venture through Room Number 07 , a dark soundtrack that will leave you trapped in a twisted paradise for eternity. Behind this odd door is a young musician, composer, artist, and producer by the name of Mystary. Mystary has developed a unique style of mastering music production and the art of music composing and sound design in all genres of music.

His passion for gothic horror music came from living in the dark for many years watching classic horror films. He began to compose and score great horror film music and produce dark instrumentals to go with his love of the horror genre. To purchase and download Mystary's dark ambient horror music, visit www. Mortanius is a gothic progressive metal band from Pennsylvania US. They draw from a number of influences, with horror movie soundtracks being one of the biggest.

They blend elements of horror movie soundtracks with progressive metal. Expect moody organs, bells, strings, and piano mixed with the complex song structure and changing time signatures of progressive metal, all the while keeping a focus on catchy choruses. They are in the process of recording more songs, and expect them to be out very soon. To listen to their work, click here. When writing songs, Midnight Syndicate has been one of my main influences.

In order to fulfill a promise to his master, Kaladimus Dor, disastrous mage of Myth, must do whatever it takes to get the secretive contents of the chest in his possession back home. After shipwrecking himself on a long-forgotten island, Dor must cooperate with a motley crew of survivors to secure their only means of escape from the island before they are consumed by its ravenous inhabitants, both living and undead.

Although a standalone story in its own right, this story introduces an epic, evolving storyline slated to run several chapters in its entirety. They are one of his preferred bands for setting the proper atmosphere to write his darkly fantastic tales. Zombie Skin has the consistency of whipped cream, but has the ability to be used to fill in prosthetic edges and smooth them for blending.

Alone Zombie Skin can be used for making cuts, wounds, blisters, and claw marks. I currently have 2 CDs in my car that I listened to on the way to Transworld , which inspired me to sculpt 4 new prosthetics. The idea behind Vault of Oblivion was to provide intense sounds, making deep emotional impressions from the realm of fantasy, and offer a valuable tool for the tabletop adventures of role-playing gamers. Inspired by the atmosphere of Midnight Syndicate's album, as well as its purpose and usability, they decided to create their own soundtrack as a contribution to the RPG community.

The CD is available on April 4th from Amazon. Original 'Alien' movie action figures! Apparently, these were developed back in the day but never produced. The team at Super 7 our neighbors at Fear FestEvil acquired the prototypes and have now released them. Ripley comes with a flamethrower, Ash a motion detector, vintage blister card packaging. The figures are available at: Boo-Tiki is Jeff Wehenkel's new endeavor to bring together two of the things he really enjoys, Monsters and Drinking.

He started sculpting mugs 6 months ago when he was feeling burnt out from sculpting Halloween masks and bust commissions and needed a new outlet. He never thought it would dominate his life so completely. The Tiki mugs may be purchased from bootiki. His mask work can be seen at ghastlycreations. I started using their music in my home Halloween displays, and still to this day I listen while I sculpt. The melodies really get my mind going and it inspires me. Thanks Midnight Syndicate for all the years of great music and inspiration, you guys are truly the Music Of Halloween!

The new album is dedicated to the classic and often tragic tales of ghosts from the Victorian era. Perfect for the monster fan in your dungeon, Dr. Whether you were an avid subscriber to Forry Ackerman's Famous Monsters of Filmland, a frequent shopper of the Captain Company ads, a ravenous consumer of Imagineering Evil Teeth and Vampire Blood, or a casual collector of monster masks, toys and posters, DR.

Order your copy today and buy one for your best fiend by using the Amazon or PayPal links! Check it out at www. Shadow's Symphony 's new album is now available in both CD and digital formats. Beneath the Dark tells the tale of a haunted lighthouse that is cursed with a Ghost ship which is doomed to sail for eternity. Because there are two distinctive locations, the lighthouse and the phantom ship , they wrote two different styles of music, blending them together to make a very unique soundtrack.

You can check them out on FB for the latest updates, and free music links - https: It was then that we knew THAT was a genre of music we'd love to create. The music became such an important influence that we even used 'Vampyre' as the soundscape in our nursery for both our daughters. Six years later, they still choose that CD to fall asleep to throughout the Halloween season. He was falsely convicted of three murders and spent nearly eighteen years on Death Row.

Life After Death is a riveting collection of his memoirs and story. Damien's natural talent as a writer shows through in this latest work and the result is a book that is both at times deeply troubling as well as uplifting. A terrorist plot is underway on American soil. There are clues but the FBI remains several steps behind the sleeper cell. The only one who knows what is about to happen is a Native American high school boy who saw it in a vision.

Can he lead a modern-day war party of friends to stop the massacre he has seen? It has something for every mood from light and bouncy to thunderous and serious. It's great for getting the creative juices going. For those of you interested in getting into the haunted attraction industry or those of you just interested in seeing what goes into putting together a haunted house, the new documentary, Screamer , is a must see. A few years ago, Midnight Syndicate collaborator David "House" Greathouse gave us a great behind the scenes look at haunted house acting with his documentary Legion of Terror.

In this new documentary, director William McHugh gives us a very real sometimes brutal look into the world of haunted house design, building, and management. Following a couple of haunted house builders in Indiana for five years the documentary set out to disprove the idea that the haunted house business is "fun and easy. The film moves around to some of the more successful haunted attractions around the country while maintaining the main story thread that ends with a shocking twist. In addition to the music of Midnight Syndicate that is heard throughout several of the haunted houses showcased, the documentary also features a brief interview with Edward Douglas from The Apprentice , Mortechai Draconia had no idea the power that flowed in his veins.

He had been born into a tribe of dragon hunters and was destined to become a warrior, like the rest of his brothers. But everything changed when his uncle, a necromancer named Sarek, offered to take the boy as his apprentice. From his dangerous training in sorcery, to a deadly Uathgaren clan, Mortechai finds himself precariously balancing between the path of a hero and that of a destroyer. Their wonderful compositions help drew me into a world where my imagination could run wild.

When I began writing, I first had tried having my music set on random, yet it wasn't until a Midnight Syndicate song began to play that the words truly flowed onto the page. Thank you for the wonderful music, and it was truly a pleasure to have met Edward in person at CONvergence back in Midnight Syndicate will forever be at the forefront of my music collection for both writing and gaming. Delve into the mind of horror author Alan David Stromer if you dare to join his likeable but troubled characters on a backwoods supernatural journey in his breakout novel A Deal with Evil.

In A Deal with Evil a tale of supernatural suspense , Jess has a little hard-earned farmland as well as caring friends in this backwoods but close-knit community. He also had a little bit of a gambling problem and a deepening spiral into alcoholism since his wife's passing. What are Jess and his neighbors going to do about haunting experiences that are clearly beyond their control? What are the mysterious forces that are encroaching on him, and who is the stranger who materializes out of uncanny darkness at his door?

Will Jessie place his bet on an easy out, and will he and the others survive to regret the ill-advised choices they've made? The reader is drawn into the suspense right along with Stromer's compelling characters, as homespun and organic as the land they're trying to hold onto. But there's nothing at all natural about the visitor who comes disguised as offering a lucky fate. Turning on a haunting soundtrack from Midnight Syndicate helps me sink into the deep dark where the words boil and roil onto my pages. Midnight Syndicate's music always shakes away the cobwebs of this world and opens up my mind to other dimensions.

Lots and lots of robots. The sequel goes even further into uncharted territory to tell a brand new story in the world created in the first book. In The Wizard of OZ: This is the Australis Penal Colony, a continent sized prison referred to the world over as the Outcast Zone. Built to contain the world's most dangerous criminals, OZ ended up the dumping ground for everything polite society deemed undesirable. From inside this place a garbled message proves Dorothy's father is still alive, trapped in a prison with only one way in and no way out.

Into this place year-old Dorothy must go if she wants to find her father and keep the promise she made to her dying mother. The Wizard of OZ: A Steampunk Adventure is an exciting epic adventure that re-imagines a place where no one should be forced to live. The action-packed sequel The Scarecrow of OZ: A Steampunk Adventure returns to the Australias Penal Colony, where an ancient and devastating weapon was hidden a millennium ago.

His only chance at freedom is to locate and recover this ancient weapon before a mysterious shadow organization uses it to conquer the world. Joined by old allies, he races across the continent sized prison, making new friends and new enemies alike, to find the hybrid weapon before the humans do. His journey will not be easy as he encounters a new OZ more dangerous than the one he left behind. I first discovered the music of Midnight Syndicate while browsing my local Halloween store back in As well as being the standard music for my annual haunted house, Midnight Syndicate is also the default go-to music on my iPod while I walk around the neighborhood plotting out suspenseful scenes for my novels.

For our RPG and classic horror fans: Accursed takes place in a world where witches of the Grand Coven have triumphed. Burning Witchmarks into the flesh and souls of mortal men and women, they've transformed their prey into monstrous forms. Now, unable to return to their former lives, monsters wander the land, attempting to atone for past sins. To find out more visit the game's Kickstarter campaign. When Hinges Creak make neat detail pieces for haunted houses. Everything from light-up vacuum tubes, gauges, morgue drawer handles, hinges, elevator parts, pipe flanges, locks and many, many, MANY other items!

We dig Midnight Syndicate! Nothing keep us more in the mood to stay sinister! The Sixth Gun is a an epic fantasy set in the Old West. During the darkest days of the Civil War, six evil guns After the war, the guns vanished. Now, the sixth, and arguably the most powerful, of the guns has been found As the forces of darkness converge on her, the girl realizes these cursed pistols are more powerful than she could have possibly imagined You can visit his webpage at www. I first discovered Midnight Syndicate years ago at one of the first Horrorfind Weekend conventions.

I nabbed several of their CDs, and 'Born of the Night' and 'Realm of Shadows' quickly became and still are some of my favorites. I was playing role-playing games once a week back then, and those CDs and later releases became core pieces of my Call of Cthulhu and Vampire: These days, I don't game as much although I'm trying to get a group together but I still listen to Midnight Syndicate 'Carnival Arcane' is in heavy rotation right now.

I use their music for ambiance while I'm writing Available NOW at www. Check out more at: A mixture sound with full harmony that keeps to the spectator attentive from beginning to end. Surveillance cameras set up throughout the houses capture every moment of the eerie activity that transpires and document the damaging toll it takes on the families' lives. As they attempt to regain control of their homes, the families call on psychics, demonologists, paranormal investigators and exorcists to help them fight back against the malevolent spirits.

I am always looking for something that is haunting, beautiful, inspiring and something musical to send me down that tunnel into a spooky story. Midnight Syndicate has always been my go-to soundtrack for all my writings and I cannot thank their music enough for the journey it takes me and the readers on!

Check out this great product line! Each bottle is topped with a scrap of "burial cloth" and secured with a toe-tag. Each coffin is stuffed with "mausoleum moss" and contains a few novelty maggots tossed in for the ride. See what we've dug up at http: I listen to Midnight Syndicate almost daily, all year long as I build the coffins for my hot sauces! I am eagerly anticipating their newest release, 'Monsters of Legend'!

I am sure it will be my inspirational soundtrack for Halloween and beyond! La Brujeria is a dark supernatural series that mashes Mexican and Latin American folklore with European fairy tales within a bizarre pawn shop in Portland, OR. With old powers and even older adversaries waking up on and under the streets of Portland, nothing will ever be the same. Without a doubt, the tone and themes found within the work by Midnight Syndicate helps fuel the strange and darkly whimsical world of La Brujeria.

Some great classic horror-inspired reading to go along with the upcoming CD! When handwriting expert and antiquities book dealer Joseph Barkeley accepts a commission to authenticate Bram Stoker's Dracula manuscript, he travels back to his Transylvania homeland to conclude business when he unwittingly finds himself captive at Dracula's Castle, a guest of the same family made famous by the s novel.

To earn his freedom, Barkeley must decipher cryptic messages hidden in the text of the original manuscript and notes that reveal the burial sites of certain Dracula family members. Barkeley's only hope of survival is to ensure that he does not exhaust his usefulness to his captor before he's able to escape.

When he unearths shocking secrets about his own lineage, Barkeley realizes that his selection for the task was no coincidence. And in this revelation may lie Barkeley's salvation—or his doom. For now he must choose between a coward's flight or join in a mortal conflict against an ancient foe. It was in the sober hours after midnight when I closed the door, huddled with the dogs, turned the air frigid and filled it with music, that the ideas and images came to me, as if sent. Tom Krohne is a lifelong monster lover and artist with a taste for pop culture creatures and bad guys.

He reinterprets existing characters in his Saturday morning style with just the right taste of cartoon humor mixed with the evil. Visit Tom's shop at https: It must be THAT frightening! Ghosts and haunted plantations, river monsters, hoodoo and Voodoo which are not the same , werewolves, vampires, cattle mutilators, Cajun sorcery, giant birds, and Bigfoot are described and evaluated in river cities such as Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Vicksburg, Natchez, Memphis, Cape Girardeau, St.

And Chester, Illinois, despite rumors that the small river town was completely destroyed by space aliens in and instantly replaced with an exact duplicate. You will not find this information in other guidebooks Listening to Midnight Syndicate CDs on those commutes put me a proper mood for the strange, mysterious and the marvelous. Verse 13 Eerie music box melodies, screeching violins, pounding percussion, and intense crescendos are all musical elements that Verse 13 blends into a diverse array of horror music.