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Nicklausse warns Hoffmann not to fall in love with Giulietta. Hoffmann replies that if he should fall in love with her, the devil can take his soul. The evil magician Dapertutto overhears this. Giulietta proceeds to seduce Hoffmann, who falls in love immediately and agrees to give her his reflection.

Dapertutto remarks on how pale Hoffmann is.

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Opera Tales, John Davies, offers high quality 40 minute operas for children inspired by well known fairytales. Pinocchio, Opera Tales offers high quality 40 minute operas for children.

Hoffmann looks in a mirror and is horrified to find that he has no reflection. Dapertutto gives Hoffmann a sword with which to fight his rival in a duel. Hoffmann rushes off to find Giulietta but sees her sailing away in a gondola with her new lover, the dwarf Pittichinaccio. Nicklausse drags Hoffmann away. As he leaves the house, Crespel orders Frantz, his partially deaf servant, not to let anyone in the house during his absence. Alone, Frantz tries, and fails, to sing and dance.

Hoffmann arrives with Nicklausse, who urges the poet to concentrate solely on poetry.

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But Hoffmann ignores Nicklausse and declares his love to Antonia. They sing a duet until Antonia becomes faint. When Crespel arrives, Antonia flees the room, and Hoffmann hides.

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Crespel is dismayed by the arrival of the ominous Dr. Hoffmann eavesdrops on their conversation. Even though Antonia is not in the room, the doctor declares that he can perceive that her pulse is irregular. He orders her to sing, and her voice is heard from somewhere in the house. Miracle claims that he can save the girl, Crespel throws him out. Antonia returns, and Hoffmann begs her to give up singing. Reluctantly she promises to do so. Hoffmann departs, telling her that he will come back the next day. Miracle reappears and tries to beguile the girl with visions of becoming a famous singer.

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Miracle frenetically accompanying her on the violin , Antonia sings until she falls to the ground. Crespel threatens to kill him, but Nicklausse intercedes. When Hoffmann calls for a doctor, Dr. Miracle reappears and pronounces Antonia dead. Crespel and Hoffmann despairingly cry out to her. Nicklausse realizes that each woman in the three Hoffmann stories—Olympia the doll, Giulietta the courtesan, and Antonia the singer—represents a different side of Stella. He proposes a toast to Stella, which at first enrages Hoffmann, but the poet decides just to drink himself into oblivion.

As he does so, the Muse magically reappears, and he declares his love for her. He falls into a drunken stupor just as Stella enters. She goes off with Lindorf, and the students continue their revels. But the Muse finally has Hoffmann to herself. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. The Tales of Hoffmann Jacques Offenbach buy tickets. Total duration 3 h 20 min.

An incredibly inventive look at love problems. The new production about three unlucky love stories features soprano Helena Juntunen and the Canadian opera diva Measha Brueggergosman in the lead roles.

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Recommended for children over the age of Ticket sales will begin on Wednesday the 11th of April Get ready for a captivating story full of twists, turns and surprises. The stories overlap, divide, interlock and break apart again. There is no continuity in life.

You can read the complete synopsis in the programme leaflet. The tales of Hoffmann; photo: Opera Tales is a fun, high energy show that tours libraries every spring, bringing the joy to opera to kids every, for free.

Opera is a joy, and your kids — and you — will love it. Dec 15, - Oct 14 at 10 a. Petersen Automotive Museum, Wilshire Blvd. Feb 3, - Jan 27 at 10 a. Apr 6, - Dec 31 at Various times.

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