The Tokyo Trial: A Bibliographic Guide to English-Language Sources (Bibliographies and Indexes in Mi

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Book , Online - Google Books. Tokyo Trial, Tokyo, Japan, -- Bibliography. War crime trials -- Japan -- Bibliography. Translation of Encyclopedie de la Guerre, A conceptual, technical approach with a European slant.

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Reviewed in American reference book annual. Comprehensive, heavily illustrated volumes. Epstein, and John Griggs. M67 Summaries and excerpts of reviews of dramatic films produced by major studios during the war about the war. Each article is accompanied by several still pictures. Simon and Schuster, c A balanced combination of history and biography illustrated by photographs and battle maps. Nearly nine hundred items in dictionary format, most with bibliographic references.

Emphasis is on the social aspects of the war. World Almanac, , c W67 Reviewed in: American reference books annual.

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Brief entries arranged in four sections: Chronology, Weapon Systems, Biography, and Statistics. T78 Short, conversational sketches of soldiers, sailors, airmen, secret agents, politicians, and other characters of the World War II era. Arms and Armour Press, W48 A popular collection of photographs with some text.

Language 58 Chant, Christopher. C47 Important strategic and operational codenames listed in a dictionary format. S7 P25 Brief, straightforward definitions with a British orientation. Includes a list of popular songs. Military 61 Gunston, Bill. Salamander Books Limited, G Arranged by country and by manufacturer, with many illustrations, specifications, and history of use.

Purnell Reference Books ; New York: I45 Entries provide technical information and history of use. The index is arranged by weapon type, e. Abundantly illustrated with maps, photographs, and computer graphics. A comprehensive and detailed work which includes information about the Weimar Republic and the Bonn government, as well as the World War II period. A dictionary of the Third Reich. Succinct entries of historical and biographical material.

Documented, concise survey of United States involvement in the war, with concentration on the military aspects. A general account of the diplomatic, political, social, economic, and military aspects of the war. H Commentaries on the war drawn from discussions with British, Allied, and German officers.

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Encyclopedic in scope, with a slight French bias, this work presents a sweeping synthesis of the social, military, diplomatic, and technical ramifications of the war. A one-volume narrative account documented but popular of the Japanese-American conflict. The emphasis is on political and military aspects. The author asserts that American economic strength ultimately led to the United States victory.

African-Americans 71 Francis, Charles E. Highlights the story of airmen who went to war as members of the 99th Fighter Squadron and the nd Fighter Groups as integral parts of the 12th and 15th Air Forces.


The civilian toll-- from concentration camps, bombings, disease, and starvation-- reached uncountable millions. E Concise entries, often interpretive, cover weapons systems, campaigns, and biographies. S7 P25 Brief, straightforward definitions with a British orientation. David Cronon, Theodore Rosenof. Although it was prepared using the Library's collections, we have selected titles with an eye toward availability. African-Americans 71 Francis, Charles E. W8 S57 Reviewed in American reference books annual.

Wayne State University Press, N4 I58 An oral history that relates the experiences of more than fifty black servicemen and their units during World War II. An extensive study based on documentation from official sources. Office of Air Force History: N4O76 Reprinted in Washington by the U. Recounts the development of Air Force policy toward black troops and black efforts to attain equal treatment. The conflict between the stated wartime goals of democracy and freedom and the realities of segregation in the military is demonstrated.

University of Oklahoma Press, c I5 B47 Includes bibliographical references p. Covers the wartime activities of Native Americans and the difficulties they faced after they returned from the war. A77 Includes bibliographies. July December 31, -- v. January 1, February 19, -- v. February 20, March 31, -- v. April -- v. May -- v. June December -- v. June November , raising Japanese American troops. University of Hawaii Press, c The story of the individual soldiers almost exclusively Japanese-Americans of the th Infantry Battalion and the nd Regimental Combat Team, of their families in Hawaii or in mainland relocation camps, and of their struggle for recognition and equality.

Records the bigotry and gross exploitation of American fears, which led to the painful World War II experiences of Japanese-Americans, sho were uprooted from their homes and herded into camps under Army supervision, on the assumption that they were or could be traitors to their country. M6 This multivolume work describes all the activities of the Navy from the Battle of the Atlantic to the liquidation of the Japanese Empire.

Army, World War II. S Reviewed in Choice. Lists and describes every major tactical designation and type of army ground combat force from battalion through division in size. University of Chicago Press, []. A47 Includes bibliographical references. Plans and early operations, January to August -- v. Torch to Pointblank, August to December -- v. Guadalcanal to Saipan, August to July -- v. Matterhorn to Nagasaki, June to August -- v. Men and planes -- v. Services around the world. Presents a "running account" based chiefly on official documents of the United States Air Force.

The Tokyo Trial: A Bibliographic Guide to English-Language Sources ( Bibliographies and Indexes in Military Studies) [Jeanie Maxine Welch] on Description, Westport, Conn. ; London: Greenwood Press, xii, p. ; 25 cm. ISBN, (alkaline paper). Series. Bibliographies and indexes in.

Focuses on the amphibious elements of the Marine Corps used to tackle Japan's fortified islands. Motion Pictures 83 Dick, Bernard F. University Press of Kentucky, c Reviewed in Library Journal. Examines the films from the standpoint of the studio system that created them and the culture that embraced them. Of primary interest are those films produced during the s. Free Press ; London: Depicts the influence of government, especially the Office of War Information OWI on the movie industry by revealing the propaganda agency's influence and idealogy, infighting with other government agencies, and relationships with studio executives and creative personnel.

Distributed by Limelight Editions, c Deals with the aviation films of World War II from Oriss studies the radical changes in aim and purpose of these films and gives special emphasis not only to the stories that these aviation films depicted, but also to the stories behind their making and the people who made them. Women 86 Keil, Sally Van Wagenen. Those wonderful women in their flying machines: Rawson, Wade Publishers, c W7 K43 Reviewed in Kirkus reviews.

Chronicles the experiences of the Women's Airforce Service Pilots WASPs from to , highlighting the vital flying missions performed by them in America's massive preparation for war in the air. W7 S Bibliography: Presents interviews with women from the United States, Britain, Europe, and the Soviet Union about the experiences of war they had in common. The atlas takes a global approach, examining political and economic aspects as well as military.

It is arranged by geographic area and year and includes chronology, glossary, and bibliography. Cartography by Richard Natkiel. Putnam's Sons, [, c]. Esposito ; with an introductory letter by Dwight D. The second volume includes color battle maps covering World War II. Office of the Surgeon General, Dept. Columbia University Press, c Collection of speeches, diplomatic correspondence, and other documents reflecting foreign policies of major war participants, arranged by country.

Describes, from an American perspective, basic source materials touching all aspects of the war. University of Exeter ; Atlantic Highlands, N. Distributed in the U.

N Includes bibliographies. The rise to power, -- v. State, economy, and society, -- v. Foreign policy, war, and racial extermination. Includes material from a wide range of published and unpublished sources such as newspapers, speeches, diaries, memoirs, and state and party documents.

W65 Includes bibliographical references and index. More than two hundred complete and excerpted documents were selected to illustrate the political processes of the major powers from Included are glossary, maps, and photographs. Guides 97 Boyd, Carl.

Bibliographies and Indexes

Recent documentation for the study of the second World War. The march to victory: Bookman and Stephen T. Intended for travelers and students, this guide includes descriptions and maps of major battles in northwestern Europe, arranged geographically. Lists combat histories of Air Force units, both regular and special, from squadrons to commands for World Wars One and Two.

The list is not complete. Included are a guide to United States Air Force history documentary sources and an index to depositories of Air Force collections. Descriptions, arranged by city, concentrate on military aspects. W8R45 Dictionary catalog of more than four hundred histories prepared by the Committee on Records of War Administration in the s.

WORLD WAR II: A Selected List of References

The microfilm collection itself is not in the Library of Congress. Federal records of World War II. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Civilian agencies -- v. World War II histories and historical reports in the U. N38 Lists declassified documents relating primarily to the operations and administration of naval commands during World War II. Bureau of Applied Social Research. War documentation project study no. W4 Preliminary survey of unrestricted German materials found in certain American, Dutch, English, and French depositories.

Resources of presidential libraries for the history of the second World War. M55 The director of the Truman Library argues forcefully for the recognition of the significance of presidential libraries in the study of the war.