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A real feat of imagination, and all the more terrifying for being set in the made-newly-strange streets of my Norwich childhood. Fjord of Killary by Kevin Barry Barry is great at drawing you quickly into the confidence of his voice; the first few sentences of any of his stories have that quality of strapping you in for the ride. The News of her Death by Pettina Gappah Five women talking in a hair salon while one of them has her braids done: This story, of a robbery that starts off violent before fizzling out into a chat about football and a lift home, is told in a jarringly languorous and anecdotal tone, which both draws you in and leaves you uncomfortably dissonant.

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The rabbit lays an egg. Things get stranger and darker, and Blasim lays his tale out with a wonderfully dry bar-room simplicity that makes the ending all the more explosive. Written in a misleadingly offhand deadpan, Track covers seemingly familiar ground — an abusive relationship, a young woman adrift in the big city, the pitfalls of fame and money — at such an oblique angle that it demands repeated reading.

I have plumped for this simply because it is so painfully funny. The Emerald Light in the Air by Donald Antrim This is a stone-cold masterpiece, as you will see by following the link above. It proceeds with the strange and relentless quality of a dream or fable, while being almost macabre in its realism, and feels like the story Antrim has been writing towards for his whole career. Topics National short story prize Top 10s.

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Short stories Fiction Awards and prizes features. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. A fascinating collection of new and classic tales of the fearsome Djinn, from bestselling, award-winning and breakthrough international writers. Imagine a world filled with fierce, fiery beings, hiding in our shadows, in our dreams, under our skins.

Eavesdropping and exploring; savaging our bodies, saving our souls. They are monsters, saviours, victims, childhood friends. Some have called them genies: Six acclaimed authors plunge readers into the dark side in this deeply unsettling short-story collection curated by legendary horror editors Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar. He just knows the old dude needs to die. There are certain lessons children must learn, rules they must follow, scars they must bear. No lesson is more important than this: From that territory grow stories that blend folklore and restless invention to turn out something entirely new.

Amid the marshy paths of the fens, a teenager might starve herself into the shape of an eel. A house might fall in love with a girl and grow jealous of her friend. A boy might return from the dead in the guise of a fox. With a fresh and utterly contemporary voice, Johnson lays bare these stories of women testing the limits of their power to create a startling work of fiction.

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From Richard Russo, the winner of Pulitzer Prize for Empire Falls novel, comes a collection of four short stories that demonstrate the author is also the master of this genre. Now you can get this classic collection in a new elegantly redesigned edition, with a foreword by Robert Redford. A dazzling new collection of short stories—the first major new work of fiction from the beloved, internationally acclaimed, Haruki Murakami since his 1 best-selling Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage.

Across seven tales, Haruki Murakami brings his powers of observation to bear on the lives of men who, in their own ways, find themselves alone. Here are vanishing cats and smoky bars, lonely hearts and mysterious women, baseball and the Beatles, woven together to tell stories that speak to us all. Marked by the same wry humor that has defined his entire body of work, in this collection Murakami has crafted another contemporary classic.

No Middle Name collection includes twelve stories. One of them is a brand new novella, Too Much Time. Separated from his human parents, Mowgli is raised by wolves, mentored by the cunning panther Bagheera, and taught the Law of the Jungle by Baloo, the strict but kindly bear. The Indian jungle is full of dangers and he must fight to survive; the tiger, Shere Khan, has sworn to kill him, the sinister monkey residents of the Cold Lairs wish to kidnap him, and his home is threatened by the Cobra and the Red Dog.

Animals, strange beasts, bureaucrats, businessmen, and nightmares populate this collection of stories by Franz Kafka. Carefully crafted over 15 years, they explore unbounded sexualities, a vision of the fluidity of the person, and politics — from the deaths of black people at the hands of the police, to the deep shifts that signal the subtle changes in the nature of capitalism and much more.

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These stories may sometimes tickle, sometimes shock; but will always engage both the intellect and the heart. These meticulously crafted, deeply disquieting stories by Joyce Carol Oates confront the dangers that surround us, and the dangers that lurk within. A precocious eleven-year-old girl, in thrall to the mysterious black sheep of the family, climbs into his sky-blue Chevy for a drive into the unknown… A university transfer student becomes increasingly obsessed with the murder of a female classmate, placing her own sense of self in peril… A recent widow fantasizes about transforming into a great flying predator, unerring and pitiless in the hunt… A trusting group of bird-watchers is borne to a remote part of the globe, and to a harrowing fate….

MatchUp takes the never-before-seen bestseller pairings of FaceOff and adds a delicious new twist: Box, and Nelson DeMille.

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Best British Short Stories invites you to judge a book by its cover — or more accurately, by its title. This new series aims to reprint the best short stories published in the previous calendar year by British writers, whether based in the UK or elsewhere.

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It includes stories by Daisy Johnson and James Kelman, among others. Razor-sharp and lightning-fast, this standalone short story from the 1 international bestselling author Karin Slaughter will leave you breathless. Now a lawyer herself, Charlie has made it her mission to defend those with no one else to turn to.

So when Flora Faulkner, a motherless teen, begs for help, Charlie is reminded of her own past, and is powerless to say no. In he published Knots for the first time. The collection includes very concise stories as well as longer reads. They range from the surreal to the oddly mundane, and prod the discomforts of mental, sexual, and familial bonds. A young man is born with an uncuttable umbilical cord and spends his life physically tethered to his mother; a tipsy uncle makes an uncomfortable toast with unforeseeable repercussions, and a dissatisfied deer yearns to be seen.

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Sarah Hall is one of the most skillful young British authors. The author of The Wolf Border and the Man Booker Prize finalist is releasing in June a collection of nine short stories that are both disturbing and dazzling. In Madame Zero , Sarah Hall uses her piercing insight to plumb the depth of the female experience and the human soul.

This anthology is the first volume of an annual collection that recognizes outstanding fiction debuts published in a print or online literary magazine. The dozen winning stories take place in South Carolina and in South Korea, on a farm in the eighteenth century and among the cubicles of a computer-engineering firm in the present day.

They narrate ancient themes with current urgency: Feel free to share this visual on your site Creative Commons license.

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Results 1 - 20 of Explore our list of Picture Book and Short Story Collections (Single Author) - Kids Fiction Books at Barnes & Noble®. Shop now & receive. This list features free short stories you can read online. It's a blend of works short stories today. The Nine Stories collection by J.D. Salinger.

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