Judaica Reference Sources: A Selective, Annotated Bibliographic Guide, 3rd Revised and Expanded Edit

Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Archival Resources on the History of Jewish Women in America

Sunfading to dust jacket, else a clean, tight copy. Spine bottom edge slightly bumped. One library copy held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois. Light pen mark on back page, otherwise fine. Title translates to English as, "The New World: Russian Social Democratic Organ. Its stated goal is to look for ways to resolve Democratic Socialism of the problems posed by internationalism during the pivotal era of development for the Soviet Union, and the world.

Includes an early expose of the Holocaust in Poland. French title in header: Pancras; National Library of Israel. Paper darkened; edges chipping and somewhat fragile. Interesting illustrated pamphlet on Jewish settler participation in the British Army, and their motivations to beat the Nazis in Europe and defend Palestine as a British territory. Jews -- Palestine -- Politics and government.

Yelawolf - Till It’s Gone

World War, -- Participation, Jewish. Jewish soldiers -- Palestine. Palestine -- Politics and government -- Small tear on edge. Otherwise, very good condition. Brown boards are scuffed, spine is sunned, front board is wrinkled. Former owner name on beb. Pages are clean, text unmarked, binding is tight. Hardcover with gilt spine. Spine edges slightly bumped. Stickers on front inner cover. Binding visible between few pages. Few page edges slightly wrinkled. Met 2 handgekleurde uitslaande kaartjes van Zeeland; 2 uitslaand kaartjes van Middelburg en talloze gravures van gezichten in Middelburg, van munten en penningen etc.

Uiterst zeldzame, complete en fraaie set. Het betreft een samenvatting van de eerder uitgegeven Zeelands Cronyk of Chronyk Almanach. De gravures zijn speciaal voor de Chronyk almanach vervaardigd.

  • Coming of the Spanish Civil War: Reform, Reaction and Revolution in the Second Republic;
  • Great Sex After 50!: And Other Outlandish Lies about Getting Older.
  • Researching the Holocaust.

Bijzonder is de gravure van de Middelburgse synagoge; voorzover bekend de enige bestaande afbeelding van de synagoge uit die periode. The Israel Democracy Institute, Brief articles on names, movements, and terminology of mysticism in its various forms. Fischer-Schreiber, Ingrid, et al. The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion: Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Zen. Edited by Stephan Schuhmacher and Gert Woerner. Introduction for the general reader to the terminology and doctrinal systems of Buddhism, Hinduism, Daoism, and Zen.

Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religions.

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Guide to the historical development, beliefs, and peculiarities of the variety of religions in the world today. Comprehensive, signed articles on the major religions; some include brief bibliographies. A New Dictionary of Religions. Oxford, and Cambridge, Mass. Brief entries on terms related to living religions; also includes information on ancient religions, astrology, magic, the occult, new religious movements, and secular alternatives to religion.

Brief entries on approximately 1, non-mainstream religious groups. Bibliographies included in some articles, as well as extensive general bibliography. Includes photographs of leaders of many of the groups. Dictionary of Religion and Philosophy. Brief entries of basic terms, movements, and persons related primarily to the Judeo-Christian traditions. Encyclopedic Handbook of Cults in America. Begins with essay exploring the term cult. Entries on individual groups include basic information on the history, beliefs, practices, organization, controversies, membership, and primary and secondary bibliographic sources.

Encyclopedia of American Religions. Introductory and historical essays trace the growth and development of religion in the United States and Canada, followed by 2, descriptive entries on religious bodies located primarily in North America. Dictionary of Non-Christian Religions. Short entries, many with black and white photos and line drawings. A Short Encyclopedia of Religions of the Orient. Dictionary of terminology of major and minor Eastern religions.

Some illustrations; no bibliographies.

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The HarperCollins Dictionary of Religion. San Francisco , Published in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion. Longer articles on major religious groups by area editors. Betz, Hans Dieter, ed. Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart: Six volumes A — Q as of eight volumes projected. A major authoritative resource for the history of the study of religions in the West.

Lengthy signed articles written from a liberal Protestant viewpoint. Includes maps, some in color. The earlier three editions remain useful as they reflect the changes in theological climate over time. Cancik, Hubert, and Helmut Schneider, eds. Encyclopedia of the Ancient World. Three volumes A — Cyp as of twenty volumes, with index, projected. Translation of Der neue Pauly: Basic resource for Greco-Roman religion.

  • A Child of Sanitariums: A Memoir of Tuberculosis Survival and Lifelong Disability.
  • Bibliographies in Gender and Women’s Studies.
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Organized by geographic or cultural area. Signed articles, many with bibliographies. Numerous black and white photographs. Freedman, David Noel, ed. The Anchor Bible Dictionary. Nearly 1, contributors prepared the 6, signed entries, many with bibliographies. Attempts to treat all biblical subjects and topics. Scriptural references based on the Revised Standard Version. New York, — Signed articles, usually brief.

Most useful for entries on persons, ancient religions, and extensive bibliographies. Available on the internet at http: The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation. Covers the religious life and "related societal phenomena" of sixteenth-century Europe. Four hundred and fifty scholars contributed 1, signed articles, many with bibliographies. Includes maps and synoptic outline. Gordon, and Martin Baumann, eds. Religions of the World: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Beliefs and Practices. Includes approximately essays on the major religious traditions and the religious history and environment in each country of the world, plus 2, shorter articles on religious groups and communities throughout the world.

Arranged alphabetically by topic and includes a comprehensive index. Encyclopedia of Science and Religion. Contains more than signed entries with bibliographies on topics that highlight the intersections and interrelationships between science and religion. Includes synoptic outline and annotated bibliography of significant resources.

Dictionnaire de la Bible. Paris, — Thirteen volumes as of Lengthy signed articles by French biblical scholars writing from a Roman Catholic perspective. The supplement has extensive, signed articles on the religion of the Bible and the ancient world. Encyclopedia of Women and World Religion. A helpful reference work for first orientation and rich bibliographic sources on the fast-growing field of women's and feminist studies in religion. At present no comparable reference work on gender studies or men's studies in religion has been produced. Begun in as a project by a religious studies professor at the University of Virginia , now developed by an editor-in-chief and monitored by an advisory board.

Contains profiles of religious movement groups, cult group controversies, course materials, and links to religious freedom and religious broadcasting sites. Begun in and continually updated, this was one of the first guides to religious resources on the internet. Categorizes religion sites on the internet by type print, people, digital, and teaching resources and content academic disciplines, religious traditions, and religion and cyberspace.

Includes essays, historical information, belief statements, definitions, statistics, news feeds, and reading lists on various belief groups, particularly those that have been targeted for discrimination. Information and Links for Study and Interpretation of Religions. Resources arranged under major headings: Includes news sources and additional reference sources. Developed and maintained by the Religion Department of Rutgers University.

Organized by general topics, including the major religious traditions and general topics such as "Academic Sites," "Anthropology and Sociology," "Ethics and Moral Values," and "Philosophy and Theology. Buddha Dharma Education Association. Buddhist Information and Education Network. Contains listings of study guides, e-books, image files, meditations, and activities for children; historical and biographical information; a worldwide directory of Buddhist sites and masters; and links to other web resources.

Aims to serve as the definitive reference work on Buddhism and Buddhist perspectives on religious issues. More than international scholars contributed signed articles, which include short bibliographies. Numerous illustrations, some in color. New Delhi , India, —. Six volumes A — Minayett as of ten volumes projected. Massive work on all aspects of Buddhism: Most articles signed; some include bibliographies. Clear table of contents directs users to numerous internet resources, including websites, electronic texts, maps, and bibliographies. A Dictionary of Buddhism.

Succinct entries on concepts, practices, persons, places, schools, and texts. Appendices include maps, a pronunciation guide, a guide to Buddhist scriptures, and a chronology. Historical Dictionary of Buddhism. Introductory materials include an essay on history and doctrine, introduction to Buddhist scriptures, and a chronology of Buddhist history. Dictionary of Mexican Literature. Creaton, Heather, with the assistance of Tony Trowles comp.

Bibliography of Printed Works on London History to Una nazione da rigenerare: Catalogo delle edizioni italiane Introductory essays by Luciano Guerci and Stuart Woolf. Vivarium, for Instituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Cambridge Companion to British Romanticism. Society for French Studies, U. Cutter, Charles, and Micha Falk Oppenheim comps. A Selective Annotated Bibliographic Guide.

Dictionary of Polish Literature. The Prologues and Epilogues of the Eighteenth Century: A typical entry provides an introductory note on the author, performance date and place, the prologue and epilogue themselves, and on the text, indicating what specific copy is reprinted and what other copies it may have been compared to in a search for variants.

With a detailed index of persons, providing much information about actors, writers, publishers, and public figures. Studies in Twentieth-Century Bibliography. Pollard's "The Silken Purse: Bibliography in Ireland," ; John L. Their Varieties and Uses," ; D. McKenzie's "History of the Book," ; G. Most essays include bibliographies. The French Booktrade and the "Permission Simple" of Copyright and Public Domain.

De Angelis, Marcello ed. Melodramma, spettacolo e musica nella Firenze dei Lorena: Giunta regionale toscana; Bibliografica, Spanish Historical Writing about the New World, Delon, Michel, and Pierre Malandain. The Marks in the Fields: Essays on the Uses of Manuscripts. Houghton Library distributed by Harvard U. Federation historique du Sud-Ouest, Biblioteca Bibliographica Aureliana, , Calvin, and Eloise R.

The War of the Spanish Succession, Bibliographies of Battles and Leaders, Dictionnaire universel des litteratures. Dixon's excellent compilation is divided into several major headings, as bibliographies and guides, general studies; individual newspapers and periodicals; and individuals. Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani. Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, Aaron-Albertucci , continued by as far as Vol.

An Annotated Checklist of Recent Publications. An Illustrated Quarterly , 26, no. The Oxford Companion to English Literature. English Literature and Backgrounds, A Selective Critical Guide. Du Rietz, Rolf E. A Retrospective National Bibliography: Cumulative Index to Vols. Dyck, Joachim, and Jutta Sandstede comp.

Quellenbibliographie zur Rhetorik, Homiletik und Epistolographie des Jahrhunderts im deutschsprachigen Raum. Stuttgart and Bad Cannstatt: Easton, Patricia, Thomas M. Lennon, and Gregor Sebba comps. Edited by O M Brack, Jr. Edwards, Delyth, and Daniel Huws. Applied and Decorative Arts: A Current Bibliography , n. Edited by Jim Springer Borck Vols. British Library, [c. Past, Present, and Future: A Selective and Critical Bibliography for Historia universal del libro. Berger's list of library exhibition catalogues during the preceding year. Fabian, Bernhard, and Marie-Luise Spieckermann.

A Bibliographical Essay [Part 1]. Part 2 will appear in Fabre, Michel, with the assistance of Rosa Bibia et al. From the Beginnings to New Jersey Books, Edited by Severin Corsten. Series edited by Bernhard Fabian. Hildesheim and New York: The Handbuch devotes volumes under diverse editors to different regions of Germany, with related volumes produced for other German-speaking countries.

Generalitat de Catalunya, Journal of Women's History: Guide to Periodical Literature. Foreword by Christie Farnham. Introduction by Joan Hoff. Index to Book Reviews in England, British Library distributed in North America by U.

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Foster, David William ed. Handbook of Latin American Literature. Dictionnaire de termes dans le commerce des livres anciens: Jahrhunderts, meist in seltenen Erstausgaben. Feministische Bibliografie zur Frauenforschung in der Kunstgeschichte. Frauen in Geschichte und Gesellschaft, Bibliothek der deutschen Literature: Mikrofiche-Gesamtausgabe nach Angaben des Taschengoedeke. Saur, , on 19, microfiches; arranged according to L.

Copies at Princeton, Rutgers, and Yale]. Reference Sources in History: Historical Dictionary of Stuart England, A Critique of J. London and Rio Grande, OH: Critical Bibliography of Daniel Defoe. London and Brookfield, VT: Einer Bibliographie mit Standortnachweisen. The First Fifty Years. Edited by David Vander Meulen. Bibliographical Society of the U. Garland, Mary, and Henry Garland. The Oxford Companion to German Literature. Revised by Mary Garland. Prepared under the auspices of the American Council of Learned Societies; conceived as a successor to the Dictionary of American Biography Defines "American" broadly to include "someone whose significant actions occurred during his or her residence within what is now the United States or whose life and career directly influenced the course of American history.

New Introduction to Bibliography. Oak Knoll Books , Internationales Referatenorgan mit bibliographischen Hinweisen. Federation of Family History Societies, Ediciones El Museo Universal, Letterate toscane del Settecento: Preface by Riccardo Bruscagli and Simonetta Soldani. All'Insegna del giglio-Provincia di Firenze, Giraud, Yves, and Anne-Marie Lalande comps. Encyclopedia of the Book. Oak Knoll Press, Introduction by Donald Farren. The Poetry of the Scots: Een terminologie voor beschrijving van de constructies van oude boekbanden, voor het Belgisch-Nederlands Bandengenootshap samengesteld.

Im Auftrag des Landschaftsverbandes Westfalen-Lippe. Women in Russia and the Soviet Union: Goouska, Malgorzata, and Marian Malicki comps. Katalog der Herzog August Bibliothek. Polnische Drucke und Polonica Zeugnisse aus einer Sammlung zur Geschichte des Buchwesens. Kent Town Guides British Library distributed by U.

Le Regne de l'histoire: The Dublin Stage, A Calendar of Plays, Entertainments, and Afterpieces. Press distributed by Associated U. A Guide to Research. Edited by Winfried Woesler. Bern and New York: Images of the Other: Gruys has succeeded Bert van Selm as project director. Alcohol in the British Isles from Roman Times to Ham, Debra Newman ed. Library of Congress, Harris, Eileen, assisted by Nicholas Savage comps. British Architectural Books and Writers Oxford Companion to American Literature. A Bibliography of Literary Criticism. British Naval Documents, Scolar Press; Brookfield, VT: Ashagate; for the Naval Records Society, Recent Fiction about the Eighteenth Century.

Helferty, Seamus, and Raymond Refausse eds. Directory of Irish Archives. Irish Academic Press, Een hommage aan dr. Maarten Schneider bij gelegenheid van zijn tachtigste verjaardag. Edited by Joan Hemels. Forewords by Georg Ruppelt and Sabine Wolf. Essays include Wolf-Dieter Otte's "Handschriften zum Higham, Robin, and Donald J. A Bibliography and Guide to the Literature. Edited by Claude Jolly. Edited by Dominique Varry. Promodis, in conjunction with the Centre National des Lettres, , Modern History Abstracts, Dictionary of Irish Literature.


A New History of French Literature. British Women Writers, A Guide to Genealogical Research. Out of the Laager? British Book Trade Dissertations to British Literary Bibliography, Index to British Literary Bibliography, 7. A Comprehensive Bibliography, Reference Library of the Humanities, Hughenholtz, Liesbeth project director. Art Sales Catalogues, International Companion Encyclopedia of Children's Literature.

Opera and Song Books Published in England, Douglas, and Mary Ellen Hurt comps. The History of Agricultural Science and Technology: An International Annotated Bibliography. Ingles, Ernie, and G. Bibliography of Canadian Bibliographies. Internationale Bibliographie zur Deutschen Klassik In recent years edited by J. Since published in Munich and London by K. Romantic Poetry by Women: Jacobs, Edward, and Antonia Forster. Edited by the Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Nature of the Book: Print and Knowledge in the Making. Bibliographies of the States of the United States, 3. Books and Articles on South Carolina History. Notable Encyclopedias of the Late Eighteenth Century: Reference Guide to American Literature. Kasten, David Scott, and Emory Elliott eds. The Best in Reference Works: British Literature and American Literature. Dahl's History of the Book.

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Authors, Yiddish - Biography - Dictionaries - Yiddish. Jews - History - Sources - Exhibitions. Facts on File, A Bibliography of Publications to Both the earlier and later works are rooted in the Yiddish past and explore the effects of assimilation on Jewish families, and all pay tribute to the Jewish mother as the mainstay of the family and repository of tradition. Washington; Library Of Congress,

United States Treaty Index: The Regions of Spain: A Reference Guide to History and Culture. Killy, Walther and others eds. A Guide to Documentary Editing. Press, for the Association for Documentary Editing, Joseph Addison and Richard Steele: A Reference Guide Boekcultuur in de Lage Landen Bibliografie van publikaties over particulier boekenbezit in Noord- en Zuid-Nederland, verschenen voor Kostkiewiczowa, Teresa, and Zbigniew Golinsi eds. Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe, The Literature of Music Bibliography: Fallen Leaf Press, The Duke of Newcastle, , and Henry Pelham, Bibliographies of British Statesmen, no.

Bibliothek der deutschen Literatur: Mikrofiche-Gesamtausgabe nach Angaben des Taschengoedecke. Portuguese Literature from Its Origins to