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Surprising Reasons Behind the Kneading Behavior in Cats
Why Do Cats Knead? - Making A Nest

Kneading as part of sexual ritual can be a problem with male cats too, in fact it can be a major problem. When kneading a human, male cats can get carried away confusing the action with pre-copulation behavior.

The kneading increases in intensity, claws will certainly be extended and the male cat will likely be drooling. If allowed to continue, the cat will become very aggressive indeed -- male cats are very aggressive during sex — and the human substitute could suffer a nasty attack. Neutering will reduce the chances of this happening.

Kittens Kneading

Unfortunately neutering does not completely stop this behavior with all male cats. You should however seriously consider getting your male cat fixed, doing so will end a lot of problems. Keeping your cat's claws trimmed will make it a little less painful when your cat is making biscuits on your lap, but do not even think about getting her de-clawed.

When your male cat starts to knead you, look out for signs that he is becoming excited. If the pace of kneading quickens, he starts salivating and acting aggressively, then get him off your lap - pronto.

Undesirable feline sexual behavior in neutered cat

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Cats are equipped with scent glands in the pads on the bottom of their paws. Kneading is only one of the ways that cats mark out territory. They do this also by kneading with their claws out, in a manner such as to scratch and soften some of the material.

If cockle bread existed, you wouldn’t want it anyway.

Now he "loves" that exclusively and I just try to prevent him from doing it in front of company. Dining Furniture and Sets. Like Save April 6, As always with animals, reward the behavior you like sitting quietly in your lap ; distract or make impossible the behavior you dislike excessive kneading, humping. You often read that you need one litter box per cat plus one, but is that right? It is very common for female cats in heat to exhibit kneading. The house belongs to your cat.

This action is different in manner, body language and intent from kneading when they are happy. Cats knead soft objects such as teddy bears. Cats may adopt a blanket and use it like a security blanket.


This will include lots of kneading, purring and suckling of the blanket. In some cases, cats have been observed to exhibit sexual movements, not unlike a dog "humping" a human leg, accompanying the kneading and suckling. Kittens who are taken away from their mothers before they are fully weaned may also develop a habit of kneading a human whom they have adopted as a maternal figure , and may also attempt suckling their ear, eye, nose, toe, hair, shirt, socks or fingers.

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