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A member of the region's Netsilik people and the daughter of a formidable shaman, "Lady Silence" as she is nicknamed by the men of. Nive Nielsen, who plays Lady Silence on AMC's The Terror discusses how she handles the loss of her father, why she appreciates Crozier and Goodsir, and her .

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Please enter your email address and you'll receive a verification link to proceed. Lady Silence Nive Nielsen A member of the region's Netsilik people and the daughter of a formidable shaman, "Lady Silence" as she is nicknamed by the men of the expedition, begins our story as a dutiful young woman at risk of being overwhelmed by the destabilizing presence of two ships full of Europeans upsetting the delicate balance of her homeland. Last step - Add your e-mail to complete your account. By proceeding I understand and agree to AMC's privacy policy , cookies policy , and terms of use.

Please try again later. Please enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Sir John Franklin , having been recalled in disgrace from a government posting in Van Diemen's Land , views the expedition as his last chance for glory and recognition. Captain Francis Crozier , embittered by romantic rejection at the hands of Franklin's niece, seeks to distract himself by again venturing into the Arctic. The rest of the crew have signed on for adventure.

Although the expedition begins auspiciously enough, three men die of disease during their first winter in the ice, and soon afterward, Franklin makes the fateful decision to travel around the northeast coast of King William Island, which results in the ships' becoming trapped. In the summer of , Franklin sends out parties in various directions across the ice, in hopes of finding open water.

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She cannot control it. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? Crozier insists that they go looking for his men, and they travel across the tundra in search of them. This assumption leads them to underestimate the creature. The weather has been much colder than normal, the ships' tinned provisions are dwindling and often putrid , and the sea ice and landmasses are mysteriously devoid of any wildlife that can be hunted. Before this, you were primarily known as a singer-songwriter.

None of the parties succeeds in this goal. However, one of the parties encounters a pair of " Esquimaux " on the ice, a young woman and an old man. They accidentally shoot the man, whereupon they are set upon by the monster, who kills Lt. Graham Gore, the leader of the party. When the party returns to the ships, the girl follows them. Crozier names her "Lady Silence", as her tongue appears to have been bitten off in the past, rendering her mute. After the Esquimaux man dies aboard Erebus , the monster begins stalking and attacking the crews.

Although the beast shows signs of intelligence, the men believe it is nothing more than an unusually aggressive bear.

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This assumption leads them to underestimate the creature. Franklin is killed in a botched attempt to bait the creature out in the open, and a number of other officers and men are killed as the months progress. Following Franklin's death, Crozier becomes the expedition commander, with Captain James Fitzjames assuming the role of executive officer.

Despite some initial tension between them, the two men gradually become friends as they attempt to deal with the threats of the monster, disease, and impending starvation.

Lady Silence

By , the crews become further debilitated by the extreme cold and lack of fresh food, and the monster continues to prey on them. Hickey begins to plot against the officers, especially Crozier and Lt. John Irving, who had earlier discovered Hickey copulating in a compromising position with another member of the crew in Terror ' s hold.

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As spring approaches, Erebus is eventually crushed and sunk by the relentless ice. Its remaining crew decamps to Terror for a short time, until Crozier finally orders the ship abandoned. After ruling out an attempt to reach the far side of the Boothia Peninsula , Crozier and Fitzjames conclude that their best hope is to man-haul the lifeboats of both ships south to the Canadian mainland and then down Back's River to an outpost on Great Slave Lake , an arduous journey of several hundred miles.

However, before they can set out, Irving is set upon and murdered by Hickey.

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Hickey lays the blame for Irving's death on a band of Esquimaux hunters whom Irving had in fact befriended, and the Esquimaux are attacked and massacred in revenge. It's clear that she stayed around for Goodsir as the show made them have a thing instead of Crozier and Silna from the book. On the show, as you can see, Crozier and Sophia's love was true so there was no need to substitute Sophia with Silna.

In the book, Sophia was a major bitch so Crozier and Silna romance gave him vindication.


Also, in the book, Silna was a full shaman when the crew found her and her father. On the show, she's a reluctant shaman, basically never wanted the job and thus lost her Tunnbaq. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.

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