The Future of North Korea (Politics in Asia)

For North Korea this strategic policy line only means that President Trump wants a limited nuclear war with it. If, as is said, the US nuclear weapons are high-precision ones, they will probably limit the North Korean response. On the contrary, if the confrontation — also at a purely conventional level -involves South Korea, it will experience such an internal opposition and a political and military crisis as to endanger its very existence.

I seriously doubt it. In principle, it manages to avoid its effects by using ships of friendly or third countries, from Africa, the Caribbean, and Hong Kong, for its trade.

It could be the already seen, but disastrous red nose effect -a childish resource that could only aggravate the situation. Or the United States could think of a conventional operation from the South, by putting in the middle — as possible blackmail for the North — just the territory of South Korea.

An ally, or am I wrong? Hence, a clear improvement of reactions between the two Koreas is necessary for North Koreans, against the possibility of an exacerbation of the real or foreseen US operations against North Korea. However, there would be a further clear and simple solution: He holds prestigious academic distinctions and national orders.

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Listening to liberal opinion leaders in the European capitals, one could not help but feel as if the sky was falling upon us. However, one can be stunned by the fact that these world-ending narratives are almost entirely absent in the Japanese public debates. While challenges of Trumpism are rightly recognized in Japan, they are discussed in the manner of business-as-usual: This short article briefly introduces a select number of Japanese perspectives on the ongoing transformation of the international order and explains why Japanese leaders are coping with the contemporary challenges in a relatively more sober manner.

To begin with, Westerners cannot keep calm in the face of the mounting challenges to the liberal order because liberalism has become an absolute faith for many of them, or at least for the mainstream leaders and intellectuals.

US-North Korea: Asia looks to future after Singapore summit

While Western liberals talk of the crisis of liberalism, Japanese thinkers distinguish the crisis of the liberal philosophy from the crisis of liberal elites. Through centuries of interaction with the West, Japanese observers have learned that Westerners are brilliantly good at developing enlightening philosophies yet they are remarkably bad at practicing them in an enlightening way. Western media outlets daily broadcast apocalyptic narratives: Take the example of the European Union EU. Anybody who questions the integrity of the holy Union is treated as a mad man, as if the EU is some kind of sacred church.

Modern Diplomacy

This is another serious geopolitical mistake: Another aspect to note is that North Korea wants negotiations — essentially on an equal footing — between its government and the US one and the warning about the Olympics has exactly this meaning. Thu, Mar 16, - 2: This is the strategic factor from which to start. Tougou no shuen [The End of Integration]. North Korea's 'Mass Games' prove a tourist

While occidental leaders of the medieval age saw a shadow hand of Satan in every secular uprising, Western leaders of our time see a shadow hand of Vladimir Putin in every popular resistance. Japanese leaders rarely see the world in such a theological picture since they do not have an absolute faith in liberalism: In this vein, a growing number of Japanese intellectuals argue that liberalism has somehow become a godless religion in the Western world [3].

This is a main theme explored by Mao Yamaguchi, a Harvard-educated young Japanese lawyer, who recently released her new book Riberarizumu toiu yamai [The Sickness of Liberalism] [4]. While conservative thinkers in the West skillfully amplify popular resentments to mobilize resistance, Western liberals are also driven by the naked hatred towards those who disagree with their moral convictions. From a Japanese point of view, this rage of hatred against hatred only reminds us of Western religious wars where there was no holy side.

The absolutist doctrine of human-rightism is used and abused to silence those who do not endorse liberal worldviews, paradoxically undermining the most essential foundation of the liberal world order — the freedom of thought. In light of this, Yagi maintained that religious fundamentalists, Soviet revolutionaries, and liberal internationalists share one thing in common: A few centuries ago, Japanese samurais understood the crisis of the Christian world order not very much as the crisis of Christianity, but more accurately as the crisis of occidental Christian elites.

Today, Japanese leaders understand the crisis of the liberal world order not very much as the crisis of liberalism, but more accurately as the crisis of Western liberal elites. The problem may not be liberalism per sei , but instead the quasi-religious zeal of contemporary Western liberals who want to paint everything in the color of liberalism. While liberals often condemn conservatives for blindly following their inflexible conservative convictions, liberals also blindly follow their own. As British scholar E. As Japanese liberals like Inoue point out, it is truly ironic that Western liberals seem to be following this dangerous path of a messianic quest for the singular Truth.

Soviet Communism is the latest of the failed Western enlightenment projects in this regard. Initially developed as the embodiment of the freedom of choice, liberalism once signified the rejection of absolutes. If the moral appeal of liberalism appears to be in a sky-fall, it is not because the liberal philosophy is unattractive, but because this otherwise-inspiring philosophy is practiced in an awfully illiberal way lacking tolerance, compromise, compassion, and flexibility.

North Korea Far From Following Vietnam

Put differently, liberalism is one among many competing values defining the Japanese political arena, whose uniqueness lies in its organic fusion of Western and traditional Japanese ideas. As long as Western liberals want to seek a homogenous world of an unchallenged liberal morality, they shall find no peace in this messy world of pluralistic realities. After all, the essence of liberal governance lies in the promotion of competition, including democratic governance political competition , market economy economic competition , and the rule of law competing claims put forth by prosecutors and defenders.

Then, it is truly paradoxical that Western liberals are acting as if there should be no challenge to liberalism.

North Korea’s future geopolitics - Modern Diplomacy

First published in our partner RIAC. The issue of denuclearization of the whole Korean peninsula is currently at the core of the debate between North Korea, South Korea, the United States, China and the Russian Federation. Whoever wants to destabilize North Korea with the usual talk about liberalism would be in serious trouble. Let us also consider the symbolism of the representation of cadres and relevant figures of the regime around Kim Jong-Un on the stage. A clear sign that the Leader has full control on his power apparatus in the most delicate phase of negotiations with South Korea and the United States.

The Special Forces played a special, symbolic — and hence fully political — role in the parade for the 70th anniversary. They are the largest Special Forces in the world. They count approximately , soldiers — a very significant number for a small country like North Korea. They also wear a uniform very similar to that of the South Korean thSpecial Mission Battalion, created immediately after the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. The North Korean Special Forces, however, operate both in the field of Recognition, with a specific brigade, and in the maritime field.

They also operate as light artillery units in the rear and, as can be easily imagined, they are all trained to carry out the tasks and functions of airborne forces. This happens above all in relation to the Russian refusal to equip the Syrian armed forces with medium and long-range missiles. With specific reference to health, Assad has sometimes officially thanked North Korea for its support to Syria in this sector, while there are still North Korean artillery troops active in Syria.

Moreover, Western data and statistics show us that currently the total number of North Korean military staff is 6,,, with a share of , active soldiers and officers and 5,, reservists. Currently the North Korean Land Forces have 5, tanks available, as well as 9, armored vehicles and 2, artillery units, while the heavy artillery positions are still 4, with as many as 5, missile launchers of various range and power. The rest is unknown to Western intelligence services. Three groups equally necessary for the development of societies. A significant part of the parade celebrating the 70th anniversary was also dedicated to another pillar of the North Korean ideology, i.

Well beyond family symbolism, this is the symbolic start of the parallel transformation of the North Korean economy and military system. It is worth reiterating that the massive presence of the Special Forces is a sign not to be neglected at all.

References to the history of the s and the beginning of the North Korean regime were very present in the parade for the 70thanniversary, but also mythical references to the horses Chollima and Mallima. The latter is another winged horse originating from the Chinese and Japanese traditions — another very clear symbol. In fact, the reference was to the total modernization of the national economy and to the complete mechanization of agriculture, by mentioning precisely the two winged horses as symbols of the speed with which North Korea is currently undertaking its path of full civilian and military modernization.

The symbolic wagons of the parade for the 70th anniversary included also the silhouettes of ships bearing the following inscription on their sides: What does this mean? That Kim Jong-Un wants to trigger a self-propelled development of North Korea to balance military and economic power. This does not mean that North Korea relinquishes its military networks, but that it makes them useful for a negotiation projecting North Korea directly into the Third Millennium.

In fact, again at symbolic level, which is always one of the essential aspects of politics, we must not let us be deceived by the economicist myth characterizing much of Western political culture. We must note that during the parade the most welcome guest, the central figure of the relationship between North Korea and the rest of the world, was the envoy Li Zhanshu, representing the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Hence a figure of considerable importance, with strong personal ties with Xi Jinping, who was chosen to represent not only China, but the lasting strength of the relations that still bind China and North Korea. The North Korean Leader said that, with a view to avoiding the tragedy and horror of nuclear war, North and South Korea should increase their attempts to reach the goal of a Korean peninsula free of all kinds of nuclear weapons.

The Future of North Korea (Politics in Asia) [Tsuneo Akaha] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This volume explores the possibility of North . Indeed, the framework of North Korea's new international relations is rapidly changing, after the presence of .. East Asia focus can change at different stages in different countries, especially with changes in government.

In July , Kim Jong-Un had said that North Korea would never withdraw its nuclear armament if the United States did not clearly put an end to its hostile policy and its nuclear threat to North Korea. Finally, with his latest statements, Kim Jong-Un wants to accept the US policy line, the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, but, in any case, on his terms and conditions and, above all, according to his time schedule. This means that for North Korea denuclearization shall take place within a negotiation in which both the North Korean and the South Korean structures are systematically dismantled at the same time and in the same way.

Keep Calm and Carry On? A Japanese Perspective on A Post-Liberal World

Nevertheless, there is a further important issue, i. North Korea has no domestic capital and it will not have it even after a sharp reduction in the military and nuclear system, which, however, it will not make — and rightly so. It has not even Foreign Direct Investments available that could be used to autonomously enter the world market that is waiting for it. North Korea, however, has mineral reserves worth at least 6 trillion US dollars, including iron, gold, zinc, copper, molybdenum and graphite.

It has also many rare earth metals.

Tensions Mount After North Korea Destroys All Of Asia

There is also large infrastructure to be started: Hence the production formula would be North Korean low-cost manpower, Chinese capital and South Korean technology. Without the agreement between China, Russia, the United States and Japan, the new economic network would be meaningless and useless. And here the ball is still in the US hands. Denuclearization is an operation to be carried out with absolute guarantees for all parties, as well as with the support of IAEA, but also, and above all, of neighbouring countries.

In fact, a joint Commission between the United States, North Korea, South Korea, Russia and China would be useful to check and step up the denuclearization of the whole Korean peninsula. China, in an implicit recognition that at least some of its Belt and Road-related projects risk trapping target countries in debt or fail to meet their needs, has conceded that adjustments may be necessary.

An IMF assistance package would require Pakistan to provide chapter and verse of the finances of Belt and Road-related projects that have so far been kept under wrap. Wang, the foreign minister, seemed despite the statements suggesting change, cautious in his response to the Pakistani demands. He indicated that that expansion, if not re-orientation of CPEC, would not be immediate. Wang said during his visit. If Kavanaugh lied, that would be At least 17 deaths from Florence: NC governor Mon, Sep 17, - 1: Trump says doesn't mind if Kavanaugh vote is Shock, sadness after U.

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