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Needle holder

Needle Holders 157-170 Needle Holders 158-170 Needle Holders 159-170
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Needle Holders 160-170 Needle Holders 161-170 Micro-Needle Holders 162-170
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Micro-Needle Holders 163-170 Micro-Needle Holders
Micro-Needle Holders
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Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Instruments 166-170
Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Instruments 167-170
Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Instruments 168-170
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Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Instruments 169-170
Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Instruments 170-170
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Needle holders There are many actions which surgeons perform and one of them includes suturing up wounds of patients. Suturing makes use of needle and thread and Needle holders are instruments which surgeons use while suturing. Needle holders are used to pass a needle through the wound’s tissue so that it can be stitched up properly. Needle holders are those instruments which can be reused as all they require is sterilization to be cleaned before they can be used on new patients. Needle holders are quite similar to the handles of a surgical scissor and forceps. The top of the instrument has two loops in it. The thumb is inserted into one of the loops and the forefinger is put in to the other side. When the fingers are spread, a clamp opens up and it closes when the fingers move together. There are Needle holders available which come with a groove fixed into the clamp’s jaws. This allows the needle to be properly oriented all the time. Other versions of Needle holders include a spring. This spring which is inside the Needle holders adds a certain amount of tension to the clamp’s jaws. With the help of the spring, a variety of needle sizes can be used with the same needle holder. Needle holders such as this helps in the maneuvering of thread as well as the needle. The Needle holders either have smooth or serrated jaws which are present on the part of the instrument which is held by the surgeon. Some have locking devices within them as well which further helps in creating a firmer hold. The jaws help as different stitches need to be made depending on the wound and the jaws enable the straight and/or curved needles to be held firmly while the procedure is being conducted.

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