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Forceps, dissecting, straight, 1/2 Teeth, 160mm
Forceps, Sponge Holding, 200mm
Scissors, dressing, Straight 180mm
Scissors, ligature, Spencer, 130mm
Bowls, lotion, s/s, 0.2 liter
Instrument Container, s/s, with cover

Stitch Removing Set in Sialkot Pakistan

To close the cuts, wounds and incisions – including those that are surgically done – in the skin, most doctors would utilize sutures, also known as stitches. Suturing is a method done both internally and externally for the purpose of restoring the integrity or promoting the healing process of the organ, skin, and other layers of the abdominal wall involved in a surgery or a medical procedure. In time, these sutures may need to be removed, and it is typically performed by doctors. The method involves the use of sterile forceps to pick up the knot of each suture. To cut the sutures, scissors are used. Forceps are employed to pick up the suture and pull it out. Dressing or tape may be placed across the wound after the sutures are removed. Blacksmith Surgical has a Stitch Removing Set that facilitates the doctor’s efficient removal of the sutures.

The Stitch Removing Set has a total of fourteen (14) instruments. It includes pairs of dissecting forceps for micro-dissection procedures, dressing scissors for cutting tapes or bandages, and ligature scissors and sponge holding forceps. Lotion bowls are also included in the Stitch Removing Set for containing different liquids such as antiseptic solution that are used during the procedure. Blacksmith Surgical includes instrument containers to hold the tools.

The removal of sutures, as not known to many, is not a very simple procedure at all; therefore, doctors make sure that they use reliable instruments when they perform the task, for it is one way of reducing the risks connected in performing such procedures. Blacksmith Surgical’s Stitch Removing Set offers the finest quality there is in the market. The company gained several certifications that prove how the company continues to work hard to bring the best instruments forward. The instruments in the set, since made of high quality material, should provide optimal safety during suture removal in various body parts. Blacksmith Surgical encloses the tools in a packaging of excellent material.


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