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Description of item
Kidney dishes 24cm
Abraham pleural biopsy needle
Gallipot 100 mls
Halstead Mosquito Artery Forceps curved 10cm
Dissecting forceps non-toothed 12cm
Needle Holder 16cm
BP Handle No.3

Pleural biopsy set in Sialkot Pakistan

A pleural biopsy is a procedure that involves the removal of tissue sample in the lungs. Like the other biopsies, this aims to determine different conditions – particularly in the respiratory system. Though a variety of diseases have no particular findings in pleural biopsy, there are still disorders in which the diagnosis can basically be confirmed by the procedure. These are different malignancies like mesothelioma or cancer caused by continuous exposure to asbestos, and granulomatous-type conditions such as tuberculosis and sarcoidosis. The procedure involves a creation of incision through the rib, introduction and removal of a Cope needle, and introduction of the Biopsy needle. The biopsy needle is attached to a 50 ml syringe. Once needed samples are aspirated, pressure bandage is applied. The procedure is a sophisticated one, and necessary tools are warranted. Blacksmith Surgical has a dependable Pleural Biopsy Set that allows the doctors to execute efficiently.

The Pleural Biopsy Set by Blacksmith Surgical is a collection of ten (10) instruments primarily used for such diagnostic procedures. It includes the Abraham pleural biopsy needle for aspirating pleural tissue samples, different artery and dissecting forceps, and a gallipot which is a vessel that will contain the tissue sample. The basic instruments such as the surgical blade handle and needle holders are also incorporated in the Pleural Biopsy Set. Blacksmith Surgical also adds kidney dishes for general use during the entire procedure

The availability of the proper instruments is critical to define the smooth and quick surgical operation done by the doctors. The presence of both major and minor materials is relevant. That is why Blacksmith Surgical has come up with the idea of having a competitive Pleural Biopsy Set in the market, available to any institution all around the world. Many companies have been promising, but only Blacksmith Surgical has continuously been delivering. First, the instruments are made of quality stainless steel that equates to durability. Second, Blacksmith Surgical products are not limited to medical, dental and surgical instruments but everything needed in any area of the hospital or health institution. This is the reason why many facilities positively recognize Blacksmith Surgical. The company has consistently been competitive in the market with its high standard merchandises.