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Hammer, percussion, Reflex test, Solid Rubber head
Tape measure, Cloth, 2m
Thermometer, Clinical
Tourniquet, pneumatic
Skin fold caliper

Diagnostic Equipment Sets for opd in Sialkot Pakistan

Basically, when a person who feels ill goes to the hospital, unless he is in an apparent emergency situation, he should go first to the Outpatient Department (OPD). In this area of the hospital, the OPD doctor decides whether to treat the underlying cause of the illness or refer the patient to a relevant specialization. Because of this, the basic assessment procedures are done in the OPD; hence, a Diagnostic Equipment Set for OPD should be available.

Several non-invasive assessment and diagnostic procedures include quantitative measurements: height and weight; head, chest and abdominal circumferences; vital signs: body temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rates; body fat and body mass index (BMI); and many more. A Diagnostic Equipment Set for OPD is an utmost necessity to perform these procedures.

Blacksmith Surgical’s Diagnostic Equipment Set for OPD composes of fifteen (15) instruments. This includes ten clinical thermometer used for measuring human body temperature orally, axillary and rectally. There is also a cloth tape measure that is used to get quantitative data like the length and circumferences of the different parts of the body. A skinfold calliper is used to measure body fat in the most accurate and convenient way. Pneumatic tourniquets are commonly used in phlebotomy in OPD. Pressure is exerted on the circumference of the limb by means of compressed gas which is introduced into the tourniquet cuff by a microprocessor-controlled source, via connection tubing. When sufficient pressure is exerted, vessels and arteries beneath the cuff become temporarily occluded, preventing blood flow past the cuff.

Safe occlusion of the blood flow is necessary to draw blood from the vein during blood extraction. Finally, to help a doctor review the summary of a patient’s neurological condition, the deep tendon reflexes must be assessed. This is done through the use of a reflex hammer. This instruments, which is also included in the set, will detect abnormalities in the central or peripheral nervous system.

Doctors depend their intervention to the readings they get from the clinical tools they utilize; therefore, it is only necessary that all the equipment should be reliable. The Diagnostic Equipment Set for OPD by Blacksmith Surgical surely will carry out their fundamental purpose in the area, for the instruments are manufactured from the finest quality materials. The set will be in a quality packaging.