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S.No. Description of item Qty
1 Towel Clip, Backhaus 1
2 Forceps, Obstetric, Wrigley 2
3 Forceps, Artery, Curved, 150mm 10
4 Forceps, Artery, Curved, 180mm 2
5 Forceps, Dissecting, Straight, ½ Teeth 4
6 Forceps, Dissecting, Straight, Plain, 180mm 4
7 Forceps, Periotoneum, Green Armytage, 210mm 12
8 Forceps, Sponge Holding, 240mm 10
9 Forceps, Tissue, Allis, 4x5 Teeth 4
10 Forceps, Tissue, Little wood 6
11 Handle For Surgical Blade No4 4
12 Needle Holder, Mayo, 180mm 4
13 Retractor, Doyen 4
14 Retractor, Lange beck 2
15 Retractor, Morris, 51mm 2
16 Scissors, Mayo, Curved, 180mm 2
17 Scissors, Mayo, Straight, 180mm 2
18 Scissors, Ligature, Spencer 2
19 Instrument Container, s/s, With Cover 2

Caesarean Section gh Sets In Sialkot Pakistan

here The surgery Caesarean Section is one of the most common operations performed by doctors all around the world. It is a surgical procedure in which one or more incisions are made through a mother's abdomen and uterus to deliver one or more babies, or, rarely, to remove a dead foetus. A Caesarean Section is usually performed when a vaginal delivery would put the baby's or mother's life or health at risk, although in recent times it has been also performed upon request for childbirths that could otherwise have been natural. Most Caesarean Section are done when unexpected problems happen during delivery such as health problems of the mother, the position of the baby, signs of distress in the baby, and not enough room for the baby to go through the vagina. For this particular type of operation, Blacksmith Surgical has the Caesarean Section GH Set that would aid doctors perform their operation best.

A total of seventy-nine (79) instruments are included in the Caesarean Section GH Set. The instruments are needed for the timely execution of the procedure. Blacksmith Surgical knows that the best instruments should be available during the different steps of the process of the operation. Included in the Caesarean Section GH Set are the important forceps: obstetric forceps for reduction of delivery time, with general applicability with cephalic presentation; artery forceps which are designed to grasp and hold an artery or surrounding tissue; peritoneum forceps to hold the peritoneum; and dissecting forceps to grasp heavier tissues. Different tissue forceps – Allis and Little Wood – are also included in the Caesarean Section GH Set. Retractors are also part of the set; these are: Langenbeck, Morris and Doyen. Of course, Mayo scissors and needle holders are available as well.
Blacksmith Surgical knows one fact: surgeons all around the world depend the success of the operation not only upon their skills and knowledge but also upon the quality of the instruments they use during the surgeries. The Caesarean Section GH Set provided by Blacksmith Surgical are absolutely the finest, for they are manufactured using the best of materials there is. Apart from their durability, Blacksmith Surgical instruments also are completely safe and easy to use. All kinds of equipment by Blacksmith Surgical, known for delivering optimum performance, surely gain positive remarks.