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here S.No. source url Description of item http://xn----7sbakfebe0cxacdyku4tf.xn--p1ai/templates/2019-03-08/gdz-po-angliyskomu-1.html Qty
1 Surgical Knife Handle, #3 1
2 Surgical Knife Handle, #4 1
3 Foerster Sponge Forceps, 9.5", Str. Serr 6
4 Backhaus Towel Clamp, 5.25" 6
5 Mayo Scissors, 6.75", Str. 1
6 Mayo Scissors, 6.75", Cvd. 1
7 Metzenbaum Scissors, 7", Cvd. 1
8 Operating Scissors, 5.5", Str. S/B 1
9 Thumb Forceps, 5.5", Serr. Tips 2
10 Thumb Forceps, 8", Serr. Tips 1
11 Tissue Forceps, 1 x 2, 5.5" 2
12 Tissue Forceps, 1 x 2, 8" 1
13 Allis Forceps, 5 x 6, 6". 4
14 Crile Forceps, 5.5", Str 12
15 Pean Forceps, 6.25", Cvd. 6
16 Ochsner Forceps, 6.25", Str 3
17 Bozeman Dressing Forceps, 10.5", Cvd. 1
18 Deaver Retractor, 1 x 8". 2
19 Parker Retractor, Large, Set of 2 1
20 Sims Retractor, 7.5" 1
21 Simpson Uterine Sound, Graduated 1
22 Mayo Hegar Needle Hldr, 7" Bulldog 2
23 Mayo Noble Scissors, 6.5" Str. 1
24 Russian Tissue Forceps, 8" 1
25 Allis Adair Tissue Forceps, 9 x 10, 6.25" 2
26 Crile Forceps, 6.25", Cvd. 6
27 Schroeder Uterine Vulsellum, Str 2
28 Kelly Retractor, Small 2
29 O’Sullivan-O’Connor Vaginal Retractor 1
30 Crile Wood Needle Holder, 6". 2
31 Auvard Weighted Speculum, 3.5" Blade . 1

Basic Vaginal Sets In Sialkot Pakistan

go to link Symptoms such as vaginal itching, burning, pain and discharge are some of the most common reasons why women seek medical care. Gynaecologists perform diagnostic examinations to either confirm or rule out vaginal diseases. However, the procedure may also be done in routine basis to monitor reproductive health. Once findings are available, the health care provider thinks of interventions suitable for the gynaecological condition of the patient. There are both conservative and surgical methods. For both assessment and operative purposes, doctors utilize instruments that are necessary for performing every step in the process efficiently. Blacksmith Surgical has a collection of instruments in the Basic Vaginal Set.

source url A total of seventy-seven (77) tools and equipment are incorporated in the Basic Vaginal Set by Blacksmith Surgical. Included are the basic scissors: Mayo used for cutting heavy fascia and sutures, Metzenbaum for cutting delicate tissues, and operating scissors for general surgical procedures to cut sutures, gauze and other similar materials. Also, different types of forceps are available: different thumb and tissue forceps, Allis, Crile, Ochsner, and others. Blacksmith Surgical incorporates three types of retractors for holding open the vagina while facilitating entry of other instruments in the vaginal cavity. The Basic Vaginal Set also adds some uterine instruments such as the uterine sound used for measuring uterine depth, the uterine vulsellum generally used for obstetrics and gynaecology procedures, and uterine specula used to dilate the cervix to gain access to the uterus.

The performance of gynaecologists is highly affected by the quality of the equipment they use during diagnostic and operative procedures. Blacksmith Surgical knows this information; that is why the company ventures into providing only the best items and instruments for diagnostic, medical and surgical purposes. As we all know, sophisticated procedures – gynaecological, for instance – warrant efficient execution. That is the reason why Blacksmith Surgical’s Basic Vaginal Set provides the best quality instruments for the goal of helping the doctors perform the methods better. Customer satisfaction is achieved through quality, efficiency, fastest delivery in competitive prices. Instruments are nicely arranged in quality packaging.