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Potts-Smith Vascular Scissor BS-05-18130

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Product Code:BS-05-18130
Product Art No: BS-05-18130 Size: 7 1/2" (19 cm) Description: 45°


Surgical scissors are used by surgeons while performing surgery. Surgical scissors are made using a variety of blades and depending on the procedure which the surgeon is performing are the scissors used. Technically there are 3 kinds of blades which are used. These are described below.

Surgical scissors made with stainless steel blades are the most common kind. The blade and the scissor, both are made using the same kind of metal.

The next most common kind of Surgical scissors are those scissors which have blades made with tungsten carbide. In comparison to stainless steel, tungsten carbide is much rougher. When these blades are sharpened, these scissors remain sharp for long periods of time. The way in which these blades are placed on Surgical scissors is by either welding them on to the scissors or by a process known as vacuum brazing. It should be kept in mind however that once these tungsten carbide blades are sharpened, they cannot be replaced.

Another kind of Surgical scissors are called black handled scissors . These are also known by names such as super cut scissors or micro grind Surgical scissors . These Surgical scissors are quite unique and what makes them so is the fact that they are sharpened in a different way compared to the rest of the scissors . The difference between this scissor and others is that this particular scissor slices through the human tissue whereas other scissors crush it. These scissors are sharpened with the help of special equipment which is another characteristic pertaining to these scissors

Many of the Surgical scissors have blades which are made with tungsten carbide due to it being rougher and harder than other blades. It also tends to stay sharper for long in comparison to other blades. Before using Surgical scissors, one thing which must be kept under consideration is that the blade is not cracked. If it is, it should be sent to the manufacturer for replacement.

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