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Plaster cast instruments


go site Plaster cast is the orthopedic instrument that is used for the broken legs and arms. When the doctors apply plaster cast on the broken leg or arm it causes itchiness, rashes which become the cause of discomfort and problems for the patient. But still the doctors cannot remove this orthopedic instrument. When the plaster cast is applied on the broken leg or arm that area should be raised because plaster cast needs to be dried. It takes 48 hours to dry and in that timeframe patient is bound to raise his arm and leg. The broken bone really needs a lot of care. Right care and attention will help in healing the bone. This is the reason that doctors use plaster cast to hold the broken arm or leg on its right place so that bone heals up.

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There are different types of plaster cast instruments; the upper extremity cast is used for arms, wrist and hand. The second type is long arm cast is used for the whole arm till arm pit. The third type of plaster cast is short arm cast that is used just below the elbow. The fourth type of cast is thumb spica or finger spica cast these are used on the finger and thumb. Depending on the situation doctors decide which plaster cast should be applied on the area. The plaster cast usually stays for a period of 40 days but currently can be increased or decreased depending on the fitness, condition and age. When the patient is going through this phase, x rays are taken by the doctors to check whether the bones are healing or not. If they are not healing then they take other measures for healing the bone

Certain safety precautions need to be taken by the patients and their family members for plaster cast. The first one is the patient should rest for couple of days in order to set the cast. Second precaution that they must take is to keep such orthopedic instrument dry keep it away from rain and it’s better to put plastic bag on it. The patient should not lift anything with the cast nor should he drive with it. During this phase the patient should not walk and if he does so he should use clutches.

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