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Dissectors & Dura Elevators

We have the listen the name of dissectors in many fields of medical sciences and hence they become the important part of medical or we can say biology from the initial classes like in secondary school. When students are studying biology then they perform the dissection of frogs as their first dissection of life, in this dissection they cut open the body of frog with the help of dissectors for making the cutting easy. Now various kinds of instruments like dissectors and dura elevators are orthopedic instruments and various others are being used in various branches and fields of medical. Orthopedics is the field that deals with the treatments of the bones and various surgeries performed on the bones. Different kinds of instruments are present for various bones in all body parts.

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watch Dissectors and dura elevators are present in different shapes and sizes depending on the purpose of dissectors and elevators. Dissectors are of different shapes and sizes like there are some dissectors thata re broad and curves and have got the spoon like structures on both sides of the dissectors. There are some dissectors that are like the knife and have got the pointed tip and there is a large curve present near the handle of the dissectors. Some dissectors with the large curve have got the spoon like end and some have got the curved pointed tip or straight tip. Similarly also vary in shapes, sizes and purpose. Like some have got the round handle for holding and a pointed tip with the certain angle while some others have got the broad spade like shape.

Dissectors and dura elevators are important part in any surgery as cutting and lifting of certain things and organs of a body is mostly needed in surgeries. In case of orthopedics these instruments should be designed according to use on which bone of the body. a further vital thing that should be kept in mind that these instruments should be sterilized properly after using it in surgery or before using them on other patients. If they are not properly sterilized then they can cause big damage to the patient’s health like leaving him with the ailment of AIDS. So, all the instruments like enter dissectors and dura elevators must b sterilized properly and then be used in a surgery. They should be made of good quality material like carbon steel or titanium so that they become prone to rusting in a series of sterilization.