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Round Micro Dissector

here Round Micro dissectors are used to avoid the physiological vibration and enable highly accurate micro dissection in a neurosurgery. It is easy to handle and maintains. A micro dissector is a verifying technique where microscope is used to support in dissection. A round micro dissector is one kind of micro dissector which is used for getting sharp and accurate result in a dissection. It is a long (about 8-10 inches) stainless steel made instrument with a round head. A round micro dissector is used specially for dissecting of cells and tissues under a microscope. It is especially used for intracranial dissection and skull base neurosurgery. Especially it is used in cranial, skull base and spine surgery.

enter site A method for dissecting and cloning from defined sub chromosomal regions by microscopic examination and manipulation is called micro dissector. It is the main part of a neurosurgery. Round micro dissector is mainly used for micro dissection. Round micro dissectors designed with the one hand activation with a rounded head. It is used for grasping cells and tissues in an operation and under the microscope dissection. Surgeons are used it for dissecting affected tissue to find out the main disease. In a neurosurgery it is used for undermining and loosening adhesions. It is used in also dentistry and general surgery.

go to site Perfect tissue dissection is a very important issue to complete an accurate and successful neurosurgery. In neurosurgery this instrument is one of the most used instruments. A solid grasp and the best possible balance in the surgeons hand enable the necessary precision and fingertip control to the surgeon. So, surgeons are very comfort to use this instrument to grab vessels and tissues. It helps to perform such functions as cutting, dissecting, grasping, holding, retracting, suturing etc. So, it is an essential apparatus in a neurosurgery.

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