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Carol Tendon Puller

source link Tendon puller is used for clamping or pulled something. In any neurosurgery carol tendon surgery is a very common name. Carol Tendon Puller is an OR grade surgical instrument is which is used for clamping tissue or vessels. It is available in many styles and sizes. This is a forceps type surgical instrument which is usually help like scissors with a connector mechanism allowing the clamp to hold at increasing pressure. Jaws can be straight, curved, smooth, fine and heavy with other varieties. It is about 7-9 inches long with two blades. It is generally used in general surgery and neurosurgery.

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watch Carol tendon puller is used for tissue clamping. Two conjugate blades are used to clamp and it is controlled by two fingers in one hand. Surgeons are handled carol tendon puller it by two fine finger butt. For this it is easy to use and surgeons prefer it for any neurosurgery.

source link In neurosurgery easy handling clamping forceps are one of the main instruments to clamp tissue or vessels. Tissue or vessel clamping is the most important matter in a neurosurgery so it needs sharp tendon puller. Carol tendon puller is that type or perfect instrument which is preferred to the surgeons. This apparatus is easy to control for grasp tissues in a surgery. Surgeons feel very flexible to use this instrument. Without carol tendon puller it is quite impossible to complete an operation

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read more To complete a successful surgical operation modern, sharp and well furnishing instruments are needed very much. Without well furnished carol tendon puller it is quite impossible to complete an operation. Blacksmith surgical is manufactured high quality and elegant surgical instruments. In any kind of surgery it is essential to ensure accurate, pure and perfect surgical instruments. Carol tendon puller is manufactured by Blacksmith surgical with germen stainless steel. So, blacksmith surgery is the most trusted to collect high elegant and sharp carol tendon puller.