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Arachnoid Micro Knife

Knife is the well know and common name to everyone. In a small or big surgery knife is common but most important apparatus. It is used to cut tissues, skin or vessels. In neurosurgery small size knife are used for cutting sensitive tissue or vessels. Arachnoid Micro Knife is one kind of tissue which was invented by Apex Arachnoid. It is used in cerebra vascular tumor, spinal and epilepsy procedures. Arachnoid micro knife is more accurate knife in neurosurgery. It is made by stainless steel and each blade of its manufactured by 400 series stainless steel. Feather Micro Surgical blades were developed as a special blade for Arachnoid micro knife to fine incisions for microsurgery.

go here Cutting tissue is the main and introducing sector of an operation. And for this a safe blade and knife is needed to cut tissue. Arachnoid micro knife is also used for cutting the tissues and vessels. Arachnoid blades are perfect for cutting edge and these are chemically engraved. It has hydrophilic blade which ensures minimum tissue drag and cutting tissue without any kind of damages and the feather-light handle provides for optimum tactile feedback. These matters are enhancing a surgeon’s ability to perform elegant microsurgery. Arachnoid micro knife is a delicate, safe, sharp micro dissector. It is simply impossible to safely use a less elegant instrument and in this case Arachnoid micro knife permits a safe and sharp micro dissection in a neurosurgery.

Arachnoid micro knife is a superior to scissors and reusable knife. Dissection with a sharp, appropriately angled knife is much safer and quicker and significantly increases the speed of dissection. Such as Arachnoid micro knifes are the superior instrument for delicate dissections as well as for instances where pulling on delicate structure is not permissible. So, in a neurosurgery Arachnoid micro knife is one of the elegant apparatus to complete an operation successfully.

Blacksmith surgery shows potential and elegant name in the surgical instrument areas. Blacksmith surgery provides the latest and high quality version of surgical instruments. Blacksmith surgery provides the Arachnoid micro knife for safe, sharp and proper neurosurgery. Because, without Arachnoid micro knife it is fully impossible to complete a neurosurgery.

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