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Kidney tray


Kidney tray A kidney tray is a hollow wear instrument which is used by surgeons and doctors to receive medical waste and soil dressings during a surgery. It is a 25 cm long and 11 inch wide kidney shaped hollow wear instrument, which is made of stainless steel. Kidney trays are of two types; reusable and disposable. Reusable kidney trays are made of stainless steel. Disposable kidney tray is made of plastic. The shape of kidney tray is very important, because it is held against the patient’s body to receive the falling debris. The use of reusable kidney tray can cause cross communication of disease. Disposable kidney tray is preferred to avoid the cross communication of diseases. Generally it is 700 ml in volume. A high quality of kidney trays is needed to efficiently receive the falling fluid and debris during surgical operations. Blacksmith surgical hollow wear instruments are helping doctors perform surgical operations with 100% results worldwide. Blacksmith surgical makes it possible for surgeons to achieve better results of surgical operations. Blacksmith surgical does not only manufacture the kidney trays of the designs produced by their designers, but also produces the designs as asked by customers. To carry out a successful surgery, high quality surgical and hollow wear instruments are needed. If surgeons do their best, but surgical and hollow wear instruments are of low quality, they won’t be able to succeed. Quality of hollow wear instruments does not only affect the success of operation or surgery but also the cost as the high quality hollow wear instruments are durable and last longer. There are many brands which claim to manufacture high quality kidney trays, but only few of them are actually manufacturing quality hollow wear instruments. Blacksmith surgical is one of those reputed brands which are manufacturing and providing high quality kidney trays. Blacksmith surgical has come up with a vision to improve the quality of life. We are not only manufacturing high quality kidney trays, which perform well but also durable hollow wear instruments which last longer. We have a team of great engineers, workers, designers and fabricators who put all their energies to provide you the best quality surgical and hollow wear instruments. Blacksmith surgical has always preferred customers’ satisfaction. We always focus on providing high quality of hollow wear instruments to our customers. To maintain the quality of our kidney trays we pass them through various tests. We pass our kidney trays through performance, boil and shape test. Our kidney trays are ultrasonically cleaned and passivated to combat degradation by corrosion. We do not only take care of quality of hollow wear instruments, but also their aesthetics. Blacksmith surgical hollow wear instruments are available in high quality polishes. Our kidney trays are available in dull, sand and mirror polish. We also provide a high quality packing. Our hollow wear instruments are available in a variety of high quality packing. Blacksmith surgical is providing high quality kidney trays in export quality, bluster and sterilized packing. With blacksmith kidney trays surgeons are now more confident about the success of surgeries and operations. Our kidney trays are of high quality and are durable. For all shapes and sizes visit our website.

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