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Wrigley Obstetrics Forceps

Forceps are those instruments which are used in all kinds of surgery. Wrigley obstetrics forceps are used by gynecologists while delivering a baby. These forceps are made use of when an outlet or a low delivery has to be conducted. This is when the diameter has reached around 2.5 cm. this diameter should be above the vulva.

The wriggle obstetrics forceps were initially designed to be used by gynecologists and obstetricians and they have a safety feature within them which allows the surgeon to reach up into the pelvis. Forceps are generally used to help in delivering a baby since forceps are used to maneuver and hold on to things/objects from inside the body.

Obstetrics forceps are those forceps which are used while the baby is being delivered. These forceps are used to hold on to the fetal head so that the baby can be delivered with ease. Wrigley obstetrics forceps have two branches which are to be positioned on the opposite sides of the fetal head. These two opposing branches are called the right and the left. This depends on which side of the woman’s pelvis the Wrigley obstetrics forceps are going to be applied on. Most of the time however not always, these two branches cross each other at a point which is called the articulation.

Most forceps come with a locking mechanism however the Wrigley obstetrics forceps have a mechanism which slides which is what allows both the branches of the Wrigley obstetrics forceps to slide on each other. These Wrigley obstetrics forceps with a sliding mechanism are used when the delivery requires a lot of rotation whereas forceps which have a fixed lock mechanism are opted for when the delivery requires only a small amount of rotation since the head of the fetus is in line with the woman’s pelvis and hence it is easier than for the baby to come out. Since the Wrigley obstetrics forceps are such an important of gynecology, they come under the category of gynecological instruments and are used in quite a large number of deliveries. It is with the help of these Wrigley obstetrics forceps that gynecologists are able to deliver first the head of the baby and then the rest of the body.

The Wrigley obstetrics forceps should grab on to the head of the baby in a firm manner but not in a tight way. Due to this, the blade of the forceps branch is the curved part which is used to grab on to the head. The blade tends to have two curves; one is the pelvic curve and the other is the cephalic curve. The cephalic curve is the one which conforms to the head of the fetus. It can either be of a round shape or it can be elongated. This depends on the shape of the baby’s head. The pelvic curve is shaped in such a way that it conforms to the birth canal which further helps in directing the traction force under the pubic bone.

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