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Uterine Scoops

There are many gynecological instruments which are used on women depending on the kind of problem which needs to be diagnosed and dealt with. Uterine scoops are kind of gynecological instruments which are regularly made use of. Uterine scoops are also known as endometrial curette which and this is an instrument which is used to extract substances such as tissue from inside the uterus of the woman. Uterine scoops are generally used during the procedure known as D & C- dilation and curettage. Not only is this gynecological instrument used to extra substances from the uterus but it also removes and extracts it from the lining.

Uterine scoops come in the shape of a spoon hence the name ‘scoops’. There are however some uterine scoops which may resemble the shape of a straw. This instrument allows gynecologists to remove objects which may be attached to the uterus so that they could either be examined or tested for diagnosing what the problem may be or they may be removed from the uterus so that the object can be removed and discarded. Uterine scoops have two main kinds of curettes. These are known as scraping curettes and the other is known as suction curettes.

The difference between these two kinds of curettes is that the scraping curette is a kind of uterine scoops which is used in scratching the uterus walls so that the contents inside it can be dislodged. The other curette, namely the suction curette is a kind of uterine scoops which sucks out the objects from within the uterus without causing any harm to the walls of the uterus. This is possible since it makes use of vacuum. Using uterine scoops to remove objects from the inside of the uterus can be helpful to the woman as it would protect her from all kinds of infections and diseases.

Uterine scoops may be used by the gynecologist to take out objects and substances from the woman’s uterus so that it can be examined. This is particularly done for those women who may be suspected to have uterine cancer or who may be experiencing abnormal bleeding. The substance extracted using the gynecological instrument would help a biopsy to take place to determine whether or not the substance is benign or malignant. Not only are uterine scoops used for this purpose but they may also be used when a delivery may be taking place as this instrument can be used by the gynecologist to remove the placenta’s remnants from the womb which may be left over. This instrument is also used in case of a miscarriage as it helps in evacuating the remains of the fetus from the womb.

From the different kinds of uses which pertain to uterine scoops, it can be understood that it is a very important gynecological instrument. When looking for uterine scoops Blacksmith surgical is the company you want to deal with since Blacksmith surgical manufactures such gynecological instruments using the highest quality material which is manufactured under the strictest of quality control measures to ensure the best product is manufactured