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Uterine Elevating Forceps

Uterine elevating forceps are gynecological instruments which are used to retrieve tissue from within the woman’s uterus by elevating part of the vaginal wall. Types of uterine elevating forceps include the Colin uterine elevating forceps, Somer uterine elevating forceps and Fatigues elevating forceps.

Uterine elevating forceps are generally made with steel and the holds where the fingers go resemble the way in which a scissor is made. The opposite end of the handle has a clamp which allows the tissue to be retrieved from the uterus/vaginal cavity. Uterine elevating forceps are an essential part of gynecological instruments since these forceps are used in extracting tissue to test for cancer and they are also used to clamp tissue and/or blood vessels. The uterine elevating forceps made out of steel are sterilized in a machine which is specifically made for sterilization purposes, known as an autoclave. Disposable forceps may also be available which can be used once and discarded. These instruments are made using surgical quality plastic.

Uterine elevating forceps are not only used to remove tissue from the uterine/vaginal wall but it is also used to remove tumors and polyp. Uterine dressings, the uterine arteries as well as the maneuvering of the uterine wall are things which can be accomplished with the help of uterine elevating forceps. Even though uterine forceps look similar to scissors, they are used by surgeons to make the task of obtaining tissue much easier. Some forceps may be curved whereas others may have clamps on a right angle to the forceps handle.

Some uterine forceps are made use for the hysterectomy procedure which is known as hysterectomy forceps. Other uterine forceps are used in the delivery procedure of a baby. These forceps are much larger than the regular forceps and have curved ends so that the baby’s head can be easily grabbed so that the process of delivering the baby can be made easier by bringing the baby down to the birth canal with the help of the uterine elevating forceps.

Another kind of uterine forceps are the hemostats which are used to clamp blood vessels. These forceps are not only used on blood vessels all over the body but they are used in the uterus as well. Most forceps tend to have special purposes however they may be used in various parts of the body for conducting different procedures as well. It depends on which procedure needs to be conducted and whether or not a specific kind of forceps will be suitable for the procedure or not.

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