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Suction Tubes

Amongst the instruments and machines which surgeons make use of while performing a surgery, suction tubes are one of them. These suction tubes are attached to a machine which provides suction to the surgeon when it is necessary. The process of suction is used to get rid of any liquids which may come in the surgical area where the operation is being performed. Suction tubes are used in all areas of surgery and come under surgical instruments, dentistry instruments as well as gynecological instruments. These suction tubes are not only found in the operation room but they are also found in an ambulance in case any liquids need to be cleared away from a patient in a state of emergency. These tubes attached to suction machines are also found in clinics and hospital rooms. The suction tubes each perform a particular application which is why the suction machine has a number of suction tubes attached to it. similar to all other kinds of surgical and gynecological instruments, the suction machine is made in such a way that the tubes and their tips can be replaced with ease so that the tubes can be used interchangeably between patients.

When surgery is being performed, blood generally fills up the area in the surgical site. This may make it difficult for the surgeon to perform his job as it becomes difficult to see and do the work. This is where the suction tubes come in handy. The tubes remove any of the blood and other liquids which may occupy the site clearing the area and the making the site visible again. The surgical tubes can be held by the surgeon however it is more common that the assistant of the surgeon takes a hold of the suction tubes.

Other than blood, pus and mucus are also common liquids which may fill up the surgical area impeding vision. Special suction tubes are used as gynecological instruments while delivering the baby. To ensure that the vision is clear and that the baby comes out easily, suction tubes may be used to keep the area clean. Similarly, suction tubes may also be used in neurosurgery where the tubes are used to remove the buildup of excess liquids.

Suction tubes are also used to take care of those patients who suffer from respiratory problems. These suction tubes enable patients to breathe and keep their lungs clear. This helps in increasing the comfort level of the patient and reduces the possibility of infections and diseases.

The tips of suction tubes come in an assortment which makes it possible for the tubes to be used for various applications. The tips may either be straight or bent. The widths of the tips also vary and so does the design according to the procedure for which they are being used. For example, when used as gynecological instruments, both wide and narrow tips may be used depending on what procedure the surgeon is conducting. Tips may be made with metal as this allows the tips to be sterilized and hence reused. Different types of suction tubes which are used by surgeons are Non sterile Non conductive suction tubing, Liposuction tubing and Poole Suction tubing.