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Suction Biopsy Curettes

At times, women get cervical and/or cancer of the uterus. In order to determine whether a woman is suffering from this kind of cancer, an endometrial biopsy is conducted which consists of removing a sample of the uterus lining. This procedure is normally conducted in the office of the gynecologist. There are many gynecological instruments which are used in this procedure out of which one of them is the suction biopsy curettes. The suction biopsy curettes are gynecological instruments which are used to remove some of the uterus lining so that it can be examined by the gynecologist to find out whether it is benign or malignant.

The endometrial biopsy procedure makes use of other gynecological instruments as well along with the suction biopsy curettes. The Novak curette is one of these suction biopsy curettes which is a metal tube with an opening at the tip. Suction can be attached with a syringe at the tip which helps in easily removing the tissue. Another kind of suction biopsy curettes is the Pipelle which is a flexible tube made out of plastic which also has a side opening at its tip. There is another small tube inside plastic Pipelle which helps in creating suction thereby allowing tissue to be removed. To collect the uterine tissue, the Pipelle is moved around and rotated so that the tissue can be collected onto the tube. This suction method is commonly used to take tissue out to test for cancer.

The way in which these suction biopsy curettes are used is that the patient is told to lie down on a table with feet inside the stirrups just it is done so in a pelvic exam. Depending on the procedure, anesthesia may or may not be provided.

The first step involves opening the vaginal cavity by making use of a speculum. This will widen the walls of the vagina and make the cervix visible to the gynecologist which he/she will clean using antiseptic. For the biopsy to be conducted, a tenaculum will be made use of which is a kind of forceps. Next, the gynecologist will make use of suction biopsy curettes which will be inserted into the cavity to remove tissue for examination. The tissue will then be preserved until it is sent to the lab to get examined after which results would be available. The results of this procedure will determine whether or not there is a presence of cancer or not. Sometimes, this process and the use of suction biopsy curettes also helps in determining the existence of pre-existing cancerous cells which can then be treated accordingly so that the development of cancer can be prevented.

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