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Sims vaginal speculum

Speculum is an instrument which is inserted into the body cavity so that proper vision can be attained and the procedure can be performed easily. In this case, the Sims vaginal speculum is specula which is inserted into a woman’s vagina so that the gynecologist can get a proper visualization of the body cavity and diagnose what the problem may be and how to go about solving it.

There are many kinds of vaginal speculum; some come with one blade whereas others have 2 blades to them. The Sims vaginal speculum is a gynecological instrument which comes with only one blade.

The Sims vaginal speculum is an instrument which gynecologists use in order to dilate a woman’s vagina so that the cervix and the vagina can be examined. Hence, the Sims vaginal speculum along with other speculums comes under the category of gynecological instruments. There are a variety of specula’s available other than the one’s which may be used to exam the vagina. Others include speculums which may be used to inspect the anus, the ears and the nostrils.

There are various designs and sizes of the Sims vaginal speculum available. The one which is used depends on the requirements of the woman and which size may be the appropriate one to use. It is also depends on the kind of vaginal speculum that the medical facility may have since small medical centers may not have all the varieties of speculums available.

The Sims vaginal speculum has only one blade which is inserted into the vagina to dilate it and so that the gynecologist can get a better view of the vaginal cavity. The single blade Sims vaginal speculum can be found from Blacksmith surgical. Blacksmith surgical is a company which is devoted to providing the best quality of gynecological instruments. The quality assurance for the instruments which Blacksmith surgical produces is extremely high which ensures that customers get only the best.

When vaginal exams are performed, gynecologists prefer to use plastic vaginal speculums. This is because the plastic instruments can be disposed after being used on one individual patient. Sims vaginal speculum is available in steel as well however they may have to be sterilized after every time they are used.

The Sims vaginal speculum and other vagina speculums come in a variety of sizes so that the size of each woman’s vagina can easily be accommodated with the gynecological instrument. Small vaginal speculums are generally used on those women who may have a tight hymen, particularly virgins. The larger speculums are generally used for those women who have a large vaginal cavity. The gynecologist will decide himself on what kind of vaginal speculum is to be used for the vaginal exam. There are speculums which are available by many companies however when purchasing gynecological instruments, quality is what should be aimed for which can only be achieved by purchasing these instruments from Blacksmith surgical. Blacksmith surgical provides good quality instruments which are long lasting and effective.