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Doyen vaginal speculum

Amongst the different kinds of speculum which are used by gynecologists, the doyen vaginal speculum is one kind. This particular speculum consists of only one blade and helps gynecologists in looking into the vaginal cavity. By making use of a doyen vaginal speculum, the gynecologist is able to get a clear vision of what is inside the vaginal cavity.

A vaginal speculum usually works in the same way as an endoscope however the difference is that in an endoscope, optics are required whereas a speculum allows the surgeon to have a direct visual of the body cavity.

Vaginal speculums were made out of metal in the past which meant that after every use, they had to be sterilized. It would and still opens up and dilates the vaginal opening so that vaginal examinations and procedures can be conducted. There are different sizes and shapes of the vaginal speculum available and the doyen vaginal speculum is one of these kinds. There are many others which are available with just one blade and there are others which have two blades as well. Different sizes of the doyen vaginal speculum are also available which allow the right size to be selected depending on whom the instrument is going to be used. Women tend to have varying sizes of vaginal cavity and an assortment of sizes is needed to fulfill the appropriate requirement. Whichever vaginal speculum you may be looking for, you can find it at Blacksmith surgical. Blacksmith surgical provides the best kind of gynecological instruments which are made with high grade metal and/or plastic; whichever may be the better option for that specific instrument.

The doyen vaginal speculum is an instrument which is made out of steel however there are many other kinds of speculum which are made out of high grade plastic. This allows these gynecological instruments to be disposed of after they have been used once. The disposable speculums usually fit the requirements of an emergency room and are good to be used outdoors when paramedics may have to treat someone immediately who has been in an accident.

The doyen vaginal speculum is a gynecological instrument which is used in conducting a pelvic exam. Depending on the kind of exam which is being conducted, vaginal speculums with one, two or three blades may be made use of. When a single blade speculum is required for use, the doyen vaginal speculum is a popular choice amongst gynecologists. In order to ensure that there is no discomfort while the exam is being performed, gynecologists may warm up those speculums made out of steel so that their temperature becomes the same as the human body and hence does not feel very cold during insertion.

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