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Artery Forceps

There are times when blood vessels may rupture. When this happens, surgeons make use of an instrument called artery forceps. Artery forceps are also known as hemostats or clamps. Artery forceps are quite commonly used in the field of medicine. These instruments particularly come in handy to paramedics when they need to treat patients who are in need of immediate care and who have suffered from a large amount of blood loss. By making use of artery forceps to control the bleeding on site, the paramedics can ensure that the patient reaches the emergency room of the hospital to be treated without having lost a lot of blood.

Forceps are basic surgical instruments which are used by every doctor. They are used to grab onto an object which may be difficult to hold on to by the surgeon. Forceps are usually hinged surgical instruments. Forceps are used by all kinds of doctors and hence these come under the category of surgical instruments, obstetric/gynecological instruments, dentistry instruments and many other divisions in medicine. Artery forceps are one of the types of forceps and these are specifically used to perform a function.

Artery forceps have handles which are similar to those of a scissor, they are two looped, and the nose is generally slender and blunt. The instrument also has a lock on it to ensure that while it is being used, the surgeon is able to hold on tightly to the instrument so that the blood vessel can be grasped. With the locks, the paramedics and surgeons are able to leave many artery forceps on the patient’s blood vessels particularly when they are bleeding heavily.

The metal teeth of the forceps are located towards the finger look. When the surgeon pushes the two handles of the forceps together, the metal teeth slide into their appropriate place. To unlock the metal teeth, the surgeon is only required to slightly shift his fingers and the instrument loses its grip. The tip of the forceps can be found in curved or straight kinds.

Artery forceps are also available in a few kinds. There is the Carmalt hemostat which is the largest and the heaviest of the artery forceps. This is used most frequently to seal blood vessels. There is also a Kelly forceps which is more appropriate to use for delicate work. The mosquito forceps which is also known as the Halstead clamp is even smaller than the Kelly forceps and enables tiny blood vessels to be closed up. The Pean forceps, also called the Crile forceps has serrated tips and this causes much less damage to tissue than the other clamps. Right angle forceps also come under the category of artery forceps and these have bent tips to reach those blood vessels which are being block by tissue.

Artery forceps also come under the category of gynecological instruments since there are times when women los their baby for example and may experience heavy bleeding which is when artery forceps may be used. For whatever purpose forceps are to be used, they can be found at Blacksmith surgical in the best quality and package according to proper surgical requirements