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Sponge Holding Forceps

get link are useful in different medical procedures. The source site ENT instrument is ideal in handling cotton or gauzes. The forceps are also used when grasping tissues during surgeries. This ENT tool is important in minor or major operations. ENT doctors also use sponge holding forceps when applying medication to a wound. Lesions or cuts are cleaned and treated by the doctor. He may use the forceps when wiping the wound with some solution or medication. He will also put gauze on the treated wound by using the forceps.

Each source ENT instrument has a particular function. The watch sponge holding forceps are very important because of the numerous functions. The forceps can be used in holding tissues after or during surgery. A doctor may also use sponge holding forceps when treating a wounded body part. The forceps are made from stainless steel. The end of the forceps has a smooth, round shape. The handles have two holes for the fingers. Typically, the forceps have handles that look like those of a pair of scissors. The only difference is that the forceps are not used for cutting, and the tools do not have sharp edges.

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