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Sphenoid Punches & Rongeur Forceps

Sphenoid Punches & Rongeur Forceps are surgical tools used in nasal surgeries. The ENT instrument ensures success of any minor or major operation in the those. With the use of these devices, an ENT doctor can treat patients with nose fractures or infections. The sphenoid punches & Rongeur forceps grasp the tissues located in the nose. The tools are also useful in treating bleeding noses. The forceps may be used in putting swabs in the nose to prevent bleeding.

Sphenoid punches & Ronguer forceps look like pliers with flat ends. The body of the ENT instrument is long enough to fit inside the nose. The ends are rounded and circular in shape. This device is used by doctors when they perform minor or major operations in a patient’s nose. The sphenoid punches & Ronguer forceps have stainless steel body, which makes the device easy to clean. The forceps may be sterilized by placing the device in boiling water. The sterilization process will help remove harmful particles such as bacteria and foreign bodies. The doctor can maintain the device easily by sterilizing it after usage.

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