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Speculum Nasal

There are situations when a person may have a foreign body that is stuck in the nose. The particle may cause some discomfort or pain. When this happens, the ENT doctor uses a special instrument during the medical examination. A speculum nasal is used to widen the nostrils of the patient. When the nostril is wide enough, the doctor will be able to see the inner part of the nose. This ENT instrument helps the doctor in diagnosing the cause of the patient’s discomfort. With the use of a speculum nasal, the condition will be prevented from getting worse.

A speculum nasal has handles that look like a pair of pliers. The end portion is composed of two pieces of flat blades. The ENT instrument is used by squeezing the handles. When the handles are squeezed, the flat blades may spread out in a lateral direction. The blades allow the doctor to view the inner part of a patient’s nose. There are many types of speculum nasal. Each type of this instrument has a particular purpose, size and appearance. Most nasal specula is made from stainless steel. However, there are also nasal specula that are made from plastic.

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