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Septum Straightening Forceps

Septum straightening forceps are used by ENT doctors when treating patients with nasal fractures. The ENT instrument is useful because it can fix any fracture in the nose. The device is utilized in closed treatment of the inner portion of the nose. Septum straightening forceps prevent the arteries from bleeding profusely. Infections may be prevented by treating the fractured portion in the nose. The forceps can also be used in putting swabs in the wound located inside the nose.

Septum straightening forceps look like pliers because of the handles. You just have to squeeze the handles, so that the mouth of the forceps will open. The ENT instrument has two flat blades at the end. The blades of the forceps grasp the tissues in the nose. Septum straightening forceps are important tools used in any operation that involves the nose. Patients with nasal fractures or those with nose problems can experience comfort after undergoing a nasal surgery. The forceps are among the several other tools that a doctor uses in performing the operation. The ends of the forceps may be curved or angled, so that the device can reach far inside the nose of the patient.

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