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Otoscope Specula

The otoscope specula is attached to the otoscope used by ENT doctors. The specula have a cone or funnel shape. The ENT instrument varies in size. The tip is rounded and with different sizes of the holes. When the ears or nose is examined by the doctor, the otoscope specula are attached to the otoscope. The tools help the ENT specialist inspect any foreign body or lesion in the nose and the ears of the patient. The ENT equipment is ideal for monitoring the health of the two essential body organs.

Some brands of otoscope specula available in the market are disposable. They are usually sold in several pieces per pack. The ENT instrument varies in sizes. There is a specula that is ideal for use on children or adults. Disposable otoscope specula are practical to use because there is no need to sterilize these ENT instruments. The prices for disposable specula are also economical. However, it is important to check the recommendations when using the specula. The specula sold in stores is compatible with a specific otoscope model. The size of the instrument should match the otoscope.

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