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Nasal specula

The nasal specula is used in some nasal operations, particularly minor operations. The specula is used by ENT doctors when they need to examine the anterior part of the nose. This ENT instrument is very important among doctors. There are foreign bodies that may be stuck in the nose. With the use of the nasal specula, the particles may be removed. The process of removing the particles may be a major or minor operation. The nasal speculum is the best tool in solving discomfort in the nose. It is used with other tools, so that the foreign body may be removed.

The nasal specula has handles that look like your typical pliers. The tip of this ENT instrument has a cone shape. The cone portion of the nasal speculum varies in sizes. The sizes vary depending on the age level of the person. There is a nasal specula for children and adults. The material of the specula is stainless steel. You do not have to worry about infections because of the rustproof material. You will appreciate the excellent features of the ENT tool. For instance, the doctor can ensure hygiene in cleaning the product. After utilizing the equipment, the ENT doctor can sterilize the tool to keep it free from bacteria.
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