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Nasal Rasp

A nasal rasp is a special tool used in the nose of a patient. This ENT instrument is used in rhinoplasty medical procedure. In this operation, the doctor rasps some particles in the nose. The particles may cause difficulty in breathing among patients, which is why the doctor needs to use a nasal rasp. This device scrapes and removes any particle or foreign body that causes discomfort to a person. With the aid of a rasp, a person will experience the ease in breathing.

A nasal rasp looks like a tiny chisel, with a flat handle that connects to a scraper in the tip of the tool. The ENT instrument is made from stainless steel material. The scraper is a flat portion with ribbed surface. The nasal rasp is available in different lengths and sizes. A patient with nasal problems undergoes rhinoplasty. In the procedure, the doctor scrapes the particles that affect the person’s discomfort or pain in breathing. It is important for doctors to be very careful in rasping the nasal cavity, so that no damage will be made to the tissues in the nose.

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