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Nasal Gardiner Brown Downs Hook

When particles are stuck in the nose, this can be a painful experience. Many patients consult their ENT doctors because of discomfort in the nose. The nasal Gardiner Brown Downs hook is an ENT tool that is used in minor surgical procedures. This is an important ENT instrument that can remove foreign bodies in the inner portion of the nose. With the use of a enter nasal Gardiner Brown Downs hook, the doctor can remove foreign objects in a patient’s nose. Infections may be avoided once the particles are removed effectively.

The enter site nasal Gardiner Brown Downs hook has a long, thin body. The material for this tool is stainless steel. The tip is curved, which resembles a tiny hook. The length of this ENT instrument is standard. The doctor inserts the nasal Gardiner Brown Downs hook inside the patient’s nose. The hook is effective in removing any object stuck in a person’s nose. The tip is not sharp, which prevents any discomfort to the patient. Because of the material used in the ENT tool, doctors can clean the hook easily. They only need to sterilize the tool after every use.

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