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Nasal Dressing Forceps

Major operations or surgeries require the use of nasal dressing forceps. This medical tool is used for nasal packing. This ENT instrument is ideal for use because of the different functions. The tool is also useful in removing fishbone in the anterior portion of the nose. Because of the uses of the nasal dressing forceps, ENT doctors have this tool in their clinic. They need the equipment for numerous purposes. Patients visit their doctor when they have discomfort in the anterior area of the nose. The doctor can remove any foreign particle in the nose because of this equipment.

Nasal dressing forceps have a long body that helps doctors reach inside the nose of the patients. The forceps have a clamp-like part at the tip. This portion carries out the functions of the ENT instrument. The handle is similar to that of a pair of regular scissors. The holes are allotted for the forefinger and thumb. The entire body of the nasal dressing forceps has stainless steel material. The tool is hygienic to use because it is easy to clean. After every use, the doctor should sterilize the forceps.

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