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Nasal cutting forceps

Nasal cutting forceps are the tools that doctors use in nasal surgeries. The forceps have several uses aside from the ones done during the surgical procedure. This type of ENT instrument is helpful in preventing the arteries from bleeding. Excessive bleeding may cause severe problems to patients. The nasal cutting forceps catch the arteries and prevent further bleeding. The forceps may also be used in applying swabs to the inner part of the nose after surgery. All ENT clinics have the medical tool that is very useful in several ways.

The body of nasal cutting forceps is long and thin. The length of this ENT instrument is ideal in reaching inside the nasal cavity. Just like other forceps, this tool is used by positioning the thumb and fingers in the holes of the handle. There is a clamp-like part at the end of the nasal cutting forceps. The forceps’ tip can grasp cotton and the swabs absorb the blood in the nose. Several forceps are made from stainless steel. The material is ideal for surgical procedures. The rust-free component in the tools prevents infections among patients. Stainless steel materials are also easy to clean and maintain.

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