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Mouth Retractors

When a doctor performs surgical procedure, he may use mouth retractors to his patients. The retractors ensure that the patient’s mouth remains open. This ENT instrument also supports the cheeks. The cheeks do not droop because the tool supports the mouth. Oral specialists also use mouth retractors during dental procedures. Surgeries in the throat are intricate, and lip retractors are ideal for use of the patients. This tool is also necessary for use when the doctor needs to apply the medicine to the patient’s throat. He may also use the forceps when he needs to locate foreign particles in the throat.

Mouth retractors are available in several sizes. The different sizes of the retractors accommodate the mouth size of the patients. The material used in this ENT equipment may vary. However, most mouth retractors make use of plastic material. The soft and durable material is comfortable for patients to use. The equipment is also easy to remove from the patients’ mouth. There are no injuries or accidents that can occur due to the usage of a mouth retractor. After use of the retractors, the doctor sterilizes the tool. The hygienic procedure in cleaning the retractors helps prevent infections among patients.

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