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Laryngeal Mirrors

Laryngeal mirrors are tools used by ENT doctors when examining the patient’s throat. The ENT instrument is perfect when inspecting the cause of discomfort in the throat. In some cases, foreign particles may be stuck in the larynx. The doctor can find the reason for discomfort when he uses the enter site laryngeal mirrors. The tool is very important during the examination of the larynx. It is also ideal during minor operations that involve the throat. This essential tool is found in many ENT clinics because of the functions of the device.

Laryngeal mirrors vary in length because of the different sizes of patients’ throat. You can find a small, round-shaped mirror at the end of this ENT instrument. The mirror is connected to a long and thin body, which also serves as the handle of the device. Laryngeal mirrors have an a thick handle and a thin body. The material used in this device is stainless steel. The doctors need to sterilize the tool after use. The sterilization process involves dipping the device in boiling water. This process kills the bacteria or germs that might have been collected in the ENT tool.

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