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Foreign Body Forceps

Foreign body forceps are the tools used when removing foreign bodies inside the throat. This ENT instrument has a long and thin body. The handle of the forceps looks like a pair of scissors. The ENT doctor can place his thumb in one hole and the forefinger on the other. Foreign body forceps are easy to manipulate. The specialist only needs to move the handle to make a cutting motion. The length of the forceps helps the doctor locate and remove the foreign body in the trachea or the esophagus of the patient.

When a foreign body is stuck in the throat, a person may feel some kind of discomfort. The doctor uses a special enter ENT instrument in removing small pieces of object that is stuck in the throat. enter site Foreign body forceps have a thin body and a toothed end. The ENT tool is made from stainless steel. The sturdy construction of the tool makes it reliable to use. The material used is also free from chemicals or any other harmful products. Foreign body forceps may be sterilized after use. Contamination may be prevented with proper hygiene when cleaning the tool.

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