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When a patient has eye problems, he needs to see a specialist that can check his condition. An eye specialist may check any tumor that can affect the other organs in the body. When there is a tumor in the eye, an ENT specialist uses an enucleater. This ENT instrument is used in enucleation or the removal of the tumor. Your doctor will use the enucleater to prevent the spread of the tumor. With the aid of this device, the patient will have a chance of preventing complications in his health.

An enucleater is a surgical tool that is used in removing the eye. This ENT instrument is used when there is a large tumor in the eye. The only way of saving the other eye is by removing the tumor that might spread in the other body organs. An enucleater has a long, thin handle, and a blade is located at the tip of the tool. This tool has a stainless steel material, which allows doctors to have the ease in cleaning the material. The best way to keep the tool clean is by sterilizing it.

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