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Davis Boyle Mouth Gag

The Davis Boyle mouth gag is one of the many tools used by ENT specialists. This special ENT instrument keeps the patient’s mouth open. The equipment also has a special part that act as a tongue depressor. When the tool is used on a patient, the doctor will experience the convenience in surgical procedures. The Davis Boyle mouth gag is ideal for during the removal of tonsils. The tool is also utilized in surgery that involves the pharynx or the palate. The mouth gag supports the ease in conducting minor or major throat operations.

The Davis Boyle mouth gag is used on patients that need to undergo surgery in the throat. The mouth gag holds the tongue in place. Many types of this ENT instrument use plastic material. The Davis Boyle mouth gag that is made from plastic is easy to put in the patient’s mouth. Moreover, the patient will not experience discomfort while wearing the device. This important device assists the doctor in operating the patient’s throat. The ENT tool is a functional device that many ENT doctors have in their clinic.

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