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Aural Hartmann Forceps

ENT doctors use several tools in surgical procedures. For instance, an ENT specialist may use aural Hartmann forceps. This apparatus is an ENT instrument that has a long and thin body. At first glance, you might associate the tool with a pair of scissors. The length of the body meets when you control the handles. You can fit your thumb and forefinger in each hole of the handle. The aural Hartmann forceps have rounded edges. The jaw of this tool may be used in cutting the portion that needs to be removed during surgery.

Aural Hartmann forceps are tools utilized by ENT specialists. When a patient needs to undergo surgery in their ear, this ENT instrument is used. One of the functions of the surgical tool is to clamp the arteries in the aural cavity. Once the arteries are clamped, the flow of blood is controlled. The aural Hartmann forceps are also useful in grasping or holding a portion in the ear. Because of the long body of the tool, the ENT specialist will find the ease in reaching inside the patient’s aural cavity. He is able to get rid of the aural part that is infected.

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