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Adenoid Curettes

click here Adenoid curettes are special tools used by ENT specialists. This follow site ENT instrument has a long and thin handle that is made of metal. Some models of this apparatus have curved handles. The head of the adenoid curettes has sharp edges. The blade is located in the inner surface of the curved head. Because people have different nasopharynges, the size of this tool may vary. However, the length of the handle remains the same, even when the tool’s head varies in size. Many ENT specialists purchase different sizes of this equipment. They need to have the perfect apparatus that will accommodate for their patients’ nasopharynx size.

Adenoids that have chronic infection should be removed. Adenoidectomy is the last resort of doctors when medication fails. Through the surgical removal of adenoids, the spread of bacteria may be prevented. An ENT specialist uses adenoid curettes when performing adenoidectomy. This see url ENT instrument is necessary for the removal of the adenoids. The doctor uses the sharp edges of the a denoid curettes in removing the infected portion. He uses a light source, so that he can see the area that needs to be removed. Moreover, he uses his sense of feel in detecting the exact location of the infected adenoids.

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