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ENT instruments



Nasal Specula 319-347 Nasal Specula 320-347 Ethomoid & Ear Polypus
Forceps 321-347
Nasal-Specula-319-347.jpg Nasal-Specula-320-347.jpg Ethomoid-Ear-Polypus-Forceps-321-347.jpg
Ethomoid Forceps
Nasal Cutting Forceps
Nasal Cutting Forceps
Ethomoid-Forceps-322-347.jpg Nasal-Cutting-Forceps-323-347.jpg Nasal-Cutting-Forceps-324-347.jpg
Sphenoid Punches &
Rongerur Forceps
Ear Punches, Chisels &
Gouges 326-347
Antrum Punch, Adenoid
Cutting Forceps &
Septum Knives
Sphenoid-Punches-Rongerur-Forceps-325-347.jpg Ear-Punches-Chisels-Gouges-326-347.jpg Antrum-Punch-Adenoid-Cutting-Forceps-Septum-Knives-327-347.jpg
Rhinoplastic Instruments
Rhinoplastic Instruments
Adenold Curette 330-347
Rhinoplastic-Instruments-328-347.jpg Rhinoplastic-Instruments-329-347.jpg Adenold-Curette-330-347.jpg
Curettes 331-347 Mouth Gags 332-347 Mouth Gags 333-347
Curettes-331-347.jpg Mouth-Gags-332-347.jpg Mouth-Gags-333-347.jpg
Tongue Depressor
Cheek & Lip Retractors,
Tongue Depressors
Ear Specula 336-347
Tongue-Depressor-334-347.jpg Cheek-Lip-Retractors-Tongue-Depressors-335-347.jpg Ear-Specula-336-347.jpg
Esophagoscopy Forceps
Ear Polypus Forceps Body
Levers 338-347
Ear Polypus Forceps
Esophagoscopy-Forceps-337-347.jpg Ear-Polypus-Forceps-Body-Levers-338-347.jpg Ear-Polypus-Forceps-339-347.jpg
Laryngeal Polypus Forceps,
Tonsil Punch Forceps
Knives, Dissectors &
Enuclaetors 341-347
Tonsil Snares and punch
Forceps 342-347
Laryngeal-Polypus-Forceps-Tonsil-Punch-Forceps-340-347.jpg Knives-Dissectors-Enuclaetors-341-347.jpg Tonsil-Snares-and-punch-Forceps-342-347.jpg
Laryngeal Mirrors &
Handles 343-347
Circular Knives & Forceps
Body Instruments
Lupus Curettes & Comedo
Extractor 345-347
Laryngeal-Mirrors-Handles-343-347.jpg Circular-Knives-Forceps-Body-Instruments-344-347.jpg Lupus-Curettes-Comedo-Extractor-345-347.jpg
Eustachain Catheters
Traches Tubes 347-347  
Eustachain-Catheters-346-347.jpg Traches-Tubes-347-347.jpg  

ENT Instruments

The ears, nose, and throat are very sensitive body organs. When a person feels discomfort in these organs, a doctor uses ENT instruments set to examine the body parts. Its varies in appearance and functions. Each tool is intended to be used in the examination of the ear. The doctor knows the function of it. He sees to it that the right tool is used in the examination of the particular body part. Proper diagnosis of the ailment is done with the right tool used.

There are several brands of ENT surgical instruments. The price for each varies depending on the supplier of the tool. Some doctors find the ease in purchasing the instruments online. They can find the ideal item when they check out the reliable online stores. Some suppliers of it are providing discounts in the item that they sell. These products may be viewed through the photos on the company website. There are also descriptions for the item. The product details help the doctors find the right item that they need. They can also compare prices from one supplier to another.

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Purpose of ENT Surgical Instruments

The ENT instruments used when examining the nose is a speculum which comes with a headlight which provides illumination. This again helps in visually seeing the anatomy of the ear and what the possible diagnosis could be. After nasal surgery, in order to inspect the condition of the nose, an endoscope is made use of which is another ENT surgical instrument. The back of the nose is also visualized using an instrument called nasolaryngoscope. This is a thin cable which is put into the nose and provides the surgeon a great way so that he/she can examine areas easily and carefully.

The throat is commonly examined to check for glands. This is usually done manually in order to feel various areas of the neck. The ENT instruments used in examining the throat are a tongue depressor along with an illuminator which gives proper visualization of the tongue.

Instrument Used in ENT Surgery

Taking after are a rundown of instruments generally utilized as a part of ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Treatment.

  1. Auriscope/ Otoscope
  2. Ear speculum
  3. Tuning fork
  4. Hartmann's aural forceps
  5. Foreign body snare
  6. Thudicum nasal speculum
  7. Thillis' nasal dressing forceps
  8. Head Mirror
  9. Laryngeal mirror
  10. Tongue depressor

Auriscope/ Otoscope

Auriscope/ otoscope are utilized to analyze the ear. The outer sound-related meatus and the tympanic film are imagined plainly with this instrument.

Ear speculum

Ear or aural specula look like a channel, and arrive in a mixed bag of sizes.

Tuning Forks

In ENT, tuning forks are utilized to clinically test listening to and distinguish the sort of listening to misfortune.

Aural Hartmann Forceps

This nasal instrument has critical capacities in both the OPD and the working room. It is additionally called the pressing forceps or dressing forceps.

Outside Body Hooks

This is an instrument utilized as a part of the outpatient to expel outside bodies from the nose. Nasal remote bodies are regular in youngsters and in rationally impeded or irritated people. The standard remote bodies seen are little protests like globules, seeds, chalk piece or even stones.

Thudichum's nasal speculum

The Thudichum's nasal speculum is an instrument routinely utilized as a part of the outpatient to look at the nose.

Tilley's Nasal Dressing Forceps

Its utilization is to perform foremost nasal pressing. To uproot remote bodies, outsides or packs from the nose.To pack the nose with bandage strips amid nasal surgeries or sinus surgeries. To evacuate ligament and bone pieces amid septoplasty or SMR

Head Mirror

A head mirror is a basic indicative gadget, characteristically worn by doctors, yet less so in late decades as they have turn out to be to some degree out of date.

Laryngeal mirrors

Laryngeal mirrors are apparatuses utilized by ENT specialists when looking at the persistent's throat

Tongue Depresser

This is a normally utilized OPD instrument.It has two edges at right points to one another. One of them is somewhat more extensive than the other and is totally level. This is the piece of the tongue depressor that is embedded into the oral pit. The other cutting edge is smaller and has a slight bend at its free end, similar to a handle. This is the piece of the instrument that is grasped.

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